Ms Nutella

Since our family is on a crepe kick, we were enjoying them yet again this morning. Robbie likes cinnamon and sugar, and Elle loves Nutella. Can you believe this little chocolate monster is really a little girl?

Needless to say...we headed straight to the bath after breakfast!

I wish I had a picture of her before breakfast, she came down to our room with robbie's pirate hat on...it's like she recognized the jolly rogers on her jammies and found a hat to match!
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Robbies First Day!

Robbie was so excited about his first day of preschool that he woke up at 5:00am! (and I think he heard Rob's alarm!) He asked for a crepe breakfast and then handpicked all of the items for his lunchbox. He is going to a spanish immersion preschool where the teachers speak only in spanish. His teacher, Maestra Sylvia, speaks very slowly and sweetly to the kids and does actions so they start to make connections. It will be fun to see how much he picks up...especially if I can help at home!

Elle wasnt very excited to see him go. (and I had to wake her up at 8:30 to take him!) She will be happier when her playschool starts in a couple weeks.

When he got home he was excited to share all that he learned...most of it was about starwars, so we may try a different shirt next time!
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His 3 obsessions..

"Hi Aunt Katie, I like Starwars, Superman and Pirates..." No guessing what Robbie is into...he tells us everyday! So he has the junk food/gap tshirt of superman and dark vader (which I still think is funny...because what am I doing, they are expensive little tshirts...he could have preppy polos for the same price) anyway, we walked BY the gap the other day and without seeing anything he said " Mom, I really want the dark blue starwars shirt too...I dont need indiana jones, just the dark blue one with Luke, OB-one-kanobi, chewy, princess leiah, r2, etc." So I figured if he knows that many of the names...he had to have it!

His new thing is sticking his light saber and sword down the back of his shirt...like some kind of holder. Works nicely I'd say!

He is constantly telling us our parts on the show...he is always luke and Rob is always dark vader, but Elle, Grandma and I change positions a lot. Sometimes Im chewy and that makes me sad. Anyway, he also wears a pirate patch around the house and CONSTANTLY begs me to take him to "potty barn" for the pirate costume. I figure Halloween is coming soon, so I dont want him to get too sick of it before then. He tells us all about his superpower like superman...but reminds me I only have princess powers. Seriously, I spend most of my day laughing my head off at him. He is SO funny to me!
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Birthday Cake Blues...

This was not my birthday cake...
nor this one, but seriously...HOW COOL ARE THESE?
Today was my special day and of course, it was pouring all day! I had thought the kids and I would go out...and we did, but we looked as though we had jumped into a pool with our clothes on! So, we came home and made a birthday cake...that was SO ugly I wont even post a picture. It was ok looking until I used a gel pen to write Happy Birthday...and it bled all over. Robbie was so funny all day..."Mom, after we do this can I teach you how to open your birthday presents? You rip the paper, and scrumble it like this." Anyway, Rob was sick today...he finally caught what we had. He couldnt even move. Its so sad to watch, especially because I know how bad it is having just gone through it!
Since he couldnt eat, I took the kids to a Japanese steakhouse (which was kind of weird, but it is what I felt like eating) We sat at our own table with our own chef and he did the whole show for us. The kids were entertained, but didnt eat a thing. I was happy though!


What would I do on my B-day if I could?

If I were home on my B-day, I'd be at the Jack Johnson concert. That sounds perfect. So, all of you lucky people going...think of me that day!
Do you think he ever comes to TX?


Sick as a dog, and still has time for her baby.

It was so cute, Elle went and picked out a bow on her wall and tried to put it in her baby's hair. I helped her clip it, but she was so proud showing robbie and Daddy!
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Tossin' Cookies...

That is ALL we've been up to! Seriously, friday night, I was finally well enough to hold down one popsicle...so I went to bed pretty optimistic about the weekend. Saturday morning I woke up and BAM both kids tossin cookies left and right. We've had to reupholster with towells for the time being. Its been days since we've left the house...its sheer madness! I am ready to kick this thing hard...right out of town!

Elle and her gingerale diet. We've graduated her to a little vitamin water and a couple saltines.

We are not havin trouble getting Robbie to take naps...actually, he'll take them wherever and whenever. He asked me today when it was going to go away. Isnt that so sad! I dont know!
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Swim Lessons!

I am so proud of little Robbie. He has come so far in his lessons. He started not even knowing how to hold himself up in a life jacket, and now he can float on his back for a full minute. The funny part is that he fully thinks he can swim now and he jumps in and starts kicking. Of course that is the scary part...because he isnt there YET! Hopefully he'll get a little further before school starts andd he stops his lessons! Elle on the other hand, she didnt love lessons...she would rather me just hold her in the pool. Maybe next year!

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Being a mom is not All about Cute pictures!

Ok...so Stomach Flu and Morning Sickness dont mix. Especially when both of your kids are sick too! Yesterday, I got a taste of how bad things can get when you are not at your best. I was miserable, the kids were excited and hyper but by their bathroom breaks I could tell their bodies were miserable...I felt so helpless. I couldnt eat, I was counting the minutes until Rob got home. I only broke down into tears 5 times or so, but they may have been the first 5 times that Robbie has seen...he kept saying "dont worry mom, Ill make you better, dont cry...you will make Elle cry." I seriously could not toughen up.
When rob walked through the door, I broke down completely. Told him a play by play of the entire day and then told him the only thing I could possibly eat was chicken noodle soup. So...that was it. He took the kids to the store while I took a bath, when he got home I ate a little bowl of soup and then crashed for the night. I woke up to the realization that I had a lot of cleaning to do this morning. To my surprise, Rob had bathed and fed both the kids, put them to bed, cleaned the whole kitchen and folded 6 loads of laundry. So even though Im still a little wheezy...I am so much better today starting with my clean house!

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Breaking Dawn..it's here!

So even though I was SO tired, i went to the Borders party at 10 and waited til midnight to get my copy. (ok, I already preordered it on amazon too...but that wont get here for a couple days!) Im not crazy...but It was thrilling to be out with the 13 year olds answering trivia and having the Jacob vs Edward debate! Happy Reading!

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