One more year of SILLY easter pics.

I can NEVER get the kids to cooperate at eastertime (or anytime for that matter)  This time Jane was so fussy she was not going to let us get a good picture...no matter what!

We took the pictures in a nearby field of Blue Bonnets...the texas state flower.

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Why is your gum in your hair?

Oil worked...no cutting needed! 
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Look, I dressed Elle!



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Elle has a new style of picture taking


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OK...I get it, you are done!

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"Mom take a picture of us!"

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St Pattys day at the Park

Little greenies running around the park
Robbie is working on his smile.  He started noticing that he looks angry in his pictures so he is trying something new.  I gave him a little saying to say before he smiles to make him laugh.  Here it is.
Corny corny corny...corndogeroo.  I think it is working quite well dont you think?

This little one LOVES the park so much...seriously, she starts wrestling out of my arms as soon as she sees it.  Unfortunately her knees are starting to take a toll...they are all skinned. 

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Jane is learning sign language!

THIS...is her sign for "ALL DONE!"
the worst part is, most of the time she dumps her bowl on her head...and she may be "all done" but the food isnt all gone!

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Dont you just LOVE this stage?

How much longer does this last again?
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My little ballerina

Today was Elle's first dance lesson of her life. 
I am so excited.I hope she always loves it as much as she did today!
(she may look mad...but she is really showing us her lipstick)

gotta try and get less black eyes if you want to look like a ballerina.  I think hers is healing quite nicely.

My mom reminded me of a little hairdo she did on my sister...so I thought Id try it out for this SPECIAL day.  (this very special half hour!)

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One week of Relaxation!

We are back after a wonderful RELAXING week in the caribbean.
Thanks to my mom, we were able to enjoy a whole 7 days by ourselves with our kids happily taken care of at home!

at first we were a little nervous boarding the cruise ship..when we found these magazines in our stateroom:
but then we loosened up and explored all of cozumel on a scooter
white sand beaches, blue water...
I even melted to my chair in the sun.

our favorite part of the island is the Wild side...where the beaches are all natural.  So much more fun to feel like we are all alone on a beautiful deserted island!
Here is a picture I took while we were driving...glad I didnt drop the camera at our whopping speed of 30-40!
I loved the Green Sea Turtles on Grand Cayman.  You know I love turtles so much.  Im not sure why, but for your information they can live to be 150 years old!
Here I am in HELL.
really, this town is called Hell because of this rock formation.  The most popular thing to do is mail a post card for the postmark from Hell.
I loved our elephants, dinosaurs, monkeys, etc.  I have started folding the kids towells just like these. 
In Jamaica we hiked the famous Dunns River Falls in Ocho Rios.  You can see Im holding our guide Big Foot's hand.
Paying Homage to Jimmy Buffet.
Rob...winner of multiple royal caribbean medals, including ping pong, soccer, and volleyball.  I did however beat him up the rock wall.
So the whole fun is getting dressed up..and we have NO pictures.  (Im frowning as I say that)  What is the point of finally getting to wear "formal attire" with no pictures?  (this may be the best reason to bring another couple along!)
and the picture we do have, my hair is all puffy!
Getting back was a MAJOR cherry on top of our amazing trip!
We were welcomed by these pictures on the garage, a clean house, the laundry done, happy happy kids that had done all sorts of adventures through the week, a happy Mommo who couldnt stop telling me how good my kids are and didnt seem in the slightest bit tired, robbie's homework done for the following week, and best of all 2 days to spend with my mom before she had to go home!
She is INCREDIBLE...I will never be able to thank her enough!!!

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