Rob had a couple of days off so we went to the beach! It was so funny to be able to drive our car right on the beach and plant ourselves in front of it...actually, it was really convenient!

Jane's first time to the beach!

I think she loved hearing the waves and watching the kids run around.

They played hard! The water was like a warm bath...literally, and they played and played in the waves and sand.
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after a long day at the beach...

We had to eat some fried red drum fish sticks at Snoopys...

(out on the water)

Then, eat some icecream at SCOOPYS!

The kids were so excited to sleep together in the hotel...they try to have sleepovers at home, but they never go to sleep!
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Bird Watching

sometimes I wonder if Bird Watching is in my future...My Poppa is an avid watcher, and I seem to enjoy it too.

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A tribute to our last home...

We arent as far from Philly as we thought!!!
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Memorial Day in Austin

We figured we'd take a little drive up to Austin and hang out at by the river

Robbie practiced Casting

and so did Elle

but I think our favorite part was the TURTLES!
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How awesome is this! We came upon a little offshoot of the river, and this is what we found! Hundreds of turtles of all different species, shapes and sizes! It was amazing!

There were a couple HUGE snapping turtles and tons of little turtles...a couple tiny babies too!

We started feeding them bread and that kept them around! Then Rob started teasing them with the plastic fish on the end of the fishing line. This big one held onto it for 10 minutes!

This was a first for me! What an adventure!
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Tom & Caroline's wedding

The wedding turned out beautiful...the 10 months of planning really paid off!

It was fun to put on a dress and get out for an evening!

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Mother's Day Pictures...

Same as always, funny faces!

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What if she just said "cheese?"

Then maybe life would be too boring and I wouldn't get pictures like these!

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Little Mommy...

Not often, but sometimes I let Elle push Jane in her stroller!

I think she loves seeing a real baby in there!

She is so cute to her!

She doesnt like to be done, this activity could last for hours if I let it!
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