Elle said goodbye to Ms Sally, her darling preschool teacher. I will always be so greatful for how excited and cute she was every day to see Elle.

The girls and I did a night away in Gruene...I hate leaving friends!

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Egg Hunts...the favorite

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I love easter clothes...even if the pictures dont turn out, it is so fun to wear something fun for the kids to wear something new to church.

The Easter Bunny is such a dear!

After Months of asking for "rock em sock em" I am so glad the easter bunny brought robbie this game. He played with it for a whole FIVE minutes!
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These pictures may have been...

the reason I stopped blogging for so long! Seriously, wood family easter pictures are the worst! I dont know what is up with their hair, couldnt get them to smile and look at the camera...and these are 4 of over 50!!!

better luck next year?

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Luke in a high chair

Hi Buddy!
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Mothers Day

For Mother's Day, Rob and the kids made a huge batch of MONSTER chocolate covered strawberries!

Earlier, I was invited to the kindergarten day spa.  It was so fun (once I got there...story below!)
First, Robbie asked welcomed me to the mothers spa.  Then he offered me a cold beverage (water).  Then he took me to a table and pulled out my bag of tricks and proceeded to paint my nails, brush my hair, put makeup on me, give me a mini massage.  It was the cutest thing on the planet!  I had so much fun spending time with him!! 

before the spa:
well, I was running a little late home from the gym...you know how that happens.  I had just dropped the other kids off at a sitter, and I had about 5 minutes to run inside, change my clothes and pick up my bag that had all of the fun stuff they told us to bring to the spa.  SO, I pulled in the garage and went straight up to the door to find it DEADBOLTED.  I never carry house keys (well, now I do) so I had no way to get it.  A realtor had shown it and had locked all the doors.  I was panicked and called the realtor who was no help at all, so I did what any mom would do in a situation like that...I had my neighbor come and break the door.  Yes, in that moment not another single option would come to mind!  I had to have that bag for the spa because Robbie would be heart broken if I didnt!  Desperate times call for desperate measures, right?
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