If this is any indication...

I think my bronzer is way too dark for my skin color. Have you been trying to tell me?

but, the good news is that next time I wear that "oh so dark" bronzer, I will smell like spearmint, because there is toothpaste on my makeup brush. (Can I still blame it on Elle being "2" even if she is almost 3?)
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baking cupcakes with the kiddos

they really are a lot of help in the kitchen...

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"You know how I..."

Robbie is cracking me up lately. His phrases are so funny.
Robbie, what do you want for breakfast "well, you know how I love crepes!"
Robbie, what do you want to be for Halloween "you know how I love Super Heroes"
"I sure am fast"
"it sure is early"
"She sure is tired"
and then of course his love of his starwars cookbooks. we have to make "yoda soda" or "HAN-burgers" often!

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raising Fancy Nancy: tomboy style

She loves necklaces, shoes, skirts, bows, sparkles, pink, makeup...and even Hannah Montana (thanks to Robbie introducing her)

but she hits, screams, and get Super dirty outside!

and she eats more than the rest of us!

funny girl
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Messy messy messy

At least if she is going to be messy, she is smiling about it!

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Rob's new bike

He has one with one wheel, and another with 2...so he just had to get one with 4!

just kidding

it was a gift that he couldnt refuse!

(for now)
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the Friendship Fort

Here is the diversion of the week...a fort! I started calling it the friendship fort and said they could only play in it if they were nice to each other. FUN WEEK! I finally dismantled it yesterday.

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"Take a picture of me too!"


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Sisterhood of the traveling toys

As soon as I set Jane down in the house (in this case it was Robbie's room) Elle runs into her room and gets all her toys for her to play with. Baskets and Buckets full of toys to surround little jane! (kind of drives me crazy...but it is the sweetest little gesture!)

by the way, this was right after the pool...they really do get dressed sometimes!
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Robbie makes up his own chores and jobs. Today it was filling the target bag with water and pouring it into the dumptruck. He decide neither of them could come in for lunch until they were done with their chores.
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Maraca, Maraca, Maraca, Maraca...

Any of you Zumba girls probably have this song running through your head all day...I do.
These little hard peapods we have named "maracas" at our home, because they sound just like them. The kids love getting them off the trees...

gathering them up & breaking them open with a hammer.

I cant believe the peapods are so ugly and they contain the most beautiful beads...my favorite shades of red. It is like life's most helpful cliche.
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