Robbie was so proud...

"Mom, I have to wear 3 shirts today. I put my spiderman shirt on first then my star wars one, and my green one on top."

He wouldnt let me take a picture without his shooter!

I love when the kids get along! Tonight after their bath, they came running out of the bathroom naked, and then turned and ran down the stairs naked. They were laughing so hard...they thought they were so funny!

She cant really walk in any of her favorite shoes...thats a problem, but she loves to hobble in them if theyre pretty!
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robbie robbie robbie

The latest obsession? The starwars game...Daddy:Han Solo, Robbie: Luke, Mommy: Princess Leia, Elle" Padmay or R2, Jane: Ewalk.
Rules: whatever robbie makes up at the moment, object: get the bad guys wherever they are with your assigned weapon.
This green string is robbie's starwars belt...whatever we do, we cant loose it!

Yesterdays obsession? pulling out weeds to see if they are holding on to carrots under the dirt...removing sand from sandbox to see if there are carrots somewhere under the dirt under the sand. What? I dont know.
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Are you ready to go Elle?

or should i say, do you have 50 thousand necklaces on? yes, ok...I guess you are ready.
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I love this picture! He is so careful around his little sister (one of them anyway) Elle was upstairs knocking on the door of her room...she is still adjusting to a big girl bed!

counting my blessings...like this baby is a sleeper! My favorite nights are 8:30-6:30 and they are becoming more and more frequent!
(knock on wood)
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All Smiles...All the time!

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Elle's favorite accident: the fat lip

Somehow...she always ends up hitting her face and getting a fat lip!

This time she fell on the tile...

last year it was the dock.
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Ready for church!

Somehow she let us leave the glasses in the car and we escaped the house with one necklace and not fifty!

Little twin for a day!

She gets into position and pats her lap waiting for the baby!

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What we are up to...all day every day!

It is either this way or the other way around...everyday!


and sandbox
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If he is tired, he can sleep anywhere! I went all over the house looking for him to eat his dinner and there he was, with his dinner right in front of him!

Elle is always kissing Jane!
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Robbie: "Do you want to hear something SO COOL?"
Mom & Dad:" Yeah bud, what?"
Robbie: "I just peed in the garbage can! Isnt that So funny?"

Apparently Robbie thought I needed one more thing to clean this evening. Yeah.