A Musical Snack for you...

Robbie has prepared a musical SNACK for you! His first solo, the whole second verse. I wasn't singing, just nervously mouthing the words. Please notice Elle's lack of shoes, Jane's lack of bow...this is the real deal!


pony rides at the farm

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fiesta farms...

Elle & itty bitty (the goat)

Jane, dressed up for the farm

there were baby goats & pigs!

happy thanksgiving?
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hot air balloon festival...

We missed it! It was a beautiful day and 500 balloons went up in the morning (while we were in Santa Fe) so we went to hit up the evening balloon glow...and it was too windy for the balloons to go up!
The lucky thing is, we've seen pictures before!

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Santa Fe

oldest church building in America...right here

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New Mexico: different than old mexico

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Friends at Playgroup

today was "F" for "friends in a frame"

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Nice big brother...

when Elle asks for apple juice, she is going to get it!

Even its hard work!

It was hilarious walking in on Robbie doing this..."Im making Apple Juice for Elle"
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