Making Jello without Mommy...

We end up making jello about once a week...because Robbie LOVES the colors.

This is what happens when Robbie tries to make it all by himself!

He kept assuring me it was ok because he had papertowells out so he wouldnt make a mess!
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A couple stories about Clark Kent, and his sister Ellie

I may have already shared, that Addie is Robbie's "Princess P" and I am clifford the dog...but it goes on. Because now Robbie is "Clark Kent" and Addie is Lois.
Robbie has a new way of knowing if it is time to be asleep...if the lights are on outside. Everyday at naptime we have a discussion of why he has to sleep when the "lights are on"
Today he decided to start calling Elle, "Ellie" We'll see how long his nickname will last
Elle is a FISTY little girl! She has started to hit me in the face if she is upset...what? That will not be lasting much longer.
She is loving walking fulltime now (yeah) and loves shoes. She sits and waits for her pretty shoes of the day, and is sad to have them removed at night.
She has been playing tirelessly with her soft dollhouse and her doll stroller.
She still says Hi, Bye, Mama, Dadda, and gives a kiss, and she says "Lalalalala" or a sound similar with her tongue...it is so funny.


A couple more things that I am going to miss...

Our adorable street...the one that I fell in love with and HAD to live on. I passed out flyers to everyone on the street to see if anyone was willing to sell us their home...luckily, we had a couple calls and one worked out!

The blossoms on our street are BEAUTIFUL! They are finally blooming.

I wont miss the crab grass and dandelions. Grass is just different out here!

Rob will miss the Japanese Maple in our front yard. I wanted to get rid of it, but he loved it. It has grown on me, and I think I will miss it too.
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Primary Activity

Robbie first primary activity was a really fun one! How to keep "SUNDAES" holy. He had so much fun with his friends, and especially at icecream time!

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Warm, dirty days!

Today it was above 80! The kids want to be outside all day...but outside means DIRTY!!

Elle seriously drives this thing around! It is so funny to have her riding a 4 wheeler all by herself!

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Fletchers Cove

Letting them play

After the busy crowds at the parade, I found this cool builing for them to play in.

(were you wondering why it bugs me when she crawls..look at her pants!)

the Cherry Blossom Festival...without the blossoms

I have always wanted to see the fabulous cherry blossoms in DC...so we finally drove down on Friday night to see them. Unfortunately, the HUGE rainstorm that we drove through on the way, kind of ruined the blossoms! Oh well, I saw some and we got to see the parade...
Rob was fishing, so it was me and the kids at the parade.
This is the Cherry Blossom queen's float. I better mention that Rob was the Cherry Blossom Queen's date in 2001!
Target had to represent!
We followed Bob the Builder throughout the parade. Robbie made the connection that Mommo's nickname for him "Bob" meant that he is Bob the builder! So...since we were following bob, I was stuffed behind all the people trying to push a double stroller. So, at one point I went out in the road to push, the problem was, once I started walking on the road...I couldnt get back because there were no holes in the crowds. So I was just walking with this group of kids wearing blue and white and waving...for 15 minutes I pushed my stroller as if I was part of the parade...I felt SO dumb!

Superman Superman Superman

Robbie's Grandma sent him a huge Superman package a couple days ago...lets just say we have superman paraphernalia spread all over the house...he is even sleeping with it!

This morning I came down to the basement, and robbie was "cooking fruitsnacks." He had opened EVERY pack of fruit snacks that we have and was stirring them with the beaters from the hand mixer. this funny kid! I think cooking fruit snacks has been his specialty for a year now, but usually it is one pack...not 40!

Today robbie yelled, "Mommy and Daddy LOOK...I have a hair on my leg! Im becoming a Daddy, just like you!" It was really cute!
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Conference Sunday

We had a really fun conference sunday at our kitchen table...pretty much all day was spent watching conference on our computer and doing projects. I actually picked up my oilcloth projects (after almost a year) and finished them. Rob widdled a squirrel trap. (He does a couple different traps a year...) Anyway, Robbie loved setting up and watching the trap with his dad!

Here is the project table...

the squirrel trap...(the next morning it was down and a squirrel had burrowed out of it!)

One of the oilcloth projects

and another. (all the rest are on life frosting)
And Robbie's latest quotes:
**When he was helping me cut the mushrooms, I said "looks good" he said "mom, can you say "GREAT JOB ROBBIE!" "yes, Great Job Robbie!!!" "thanks mom...now can you say 'Perfect Robbie?" "yes sweetie, they are PERFECT!"
**He is obsessed with the Solar system. He doesnt know what it is, but he always talks about it...he even prays about it!
**Today he kept saying, "Dad, you are the goodest guy I have ever seen!"
**He told me he needs to be in the army because "those guys have swords."
**Is addie your girlfriend? "yes, she is my little princess and I take care of her." Today at playgroup he stopped calling her "addie" altogether, now it is just "princess."

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