I love this little baby!

Robbie Loves Jane...he protects her from Elle (when she needs protection!) and now he has learned to carry her around the house...that is just a little scary!
She loves him too and lights up when she sees him!

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Girly Girls!

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Halloween Party 2009

Tough roller derby chick.

Some of the crazy costumes.

The coolest costumes ever. Just kidding. Making the shirts was SO FUN!

A picture at the end of the night. There were probably about 70-75 people there and it really was a lot of fun. Rob made an awesome 30 song dance mix so from 10pm on...it was all dancing! (for some of us!)

To see Halloween Party decor details click here
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After seeing whip it...We are slightly obsessed.

Yes, I wore the rollerskates all night (until the dancing began) But it was SO fun to roll around through the party!
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Thank you to my mom for sending the prize winning costume! She made the hat, cape and shirt! THANK YOU!!!

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Almost 10 months and not a single tooth!

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Rob & Robbie were NOT happy about this!

I thought it was kind of funny.

Robbie couldnt believe that I went for my camera and didnt stop this!

Rob felt the same way and then told me a lot of big medical terms that could happen when kids eat dirt. So, next time I know.
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New Stages...getting into everything

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Fall Random...

Elle's good hair day. It was full and curly and soft. AMAZING!

Robbie's picture of his best friend Cole, himself and a dog.

Rob babysitting.
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