2 weeks old

I can't believe Jane is 2 weeks old.
It is weird, she has only been with us 2 weeks...and I cant imagine life without her. She is just part of the family!
These are rare moments, because she still sleeps 90% of the time!

She is finally waking up to eat...but, a lot of times I am still trying to keep her awake!

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Funny pics...

Jane having some Daddy time

The Movie Train...Robbie let Elle lay on him, thats a first!

I had to bathe Elle in the sink, because I did not want to miss the bachelor!

The little bug!
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First Bath at home...

I think I have these exact same pictures for each of my kids!

Of course one like this...

And then a little more relaxed!

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Robbie and the new baby.

He never really bothers her or tries to hold her, but he will often come over and say things like, "Hi little baby!"

He always gives her a little kiss...and right here he was saying "Mommy, she loves me SO much!"

He is a really good big brother!
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More Elle Trouble!

Luckily it wasnt a sharpie this time. Mommo was up in Robbie's room playing with the kids and she turned to find Elle using blue and green markers on her lips and hands. Que Preciosa! She had gotten them out of Robbie's backpack.

She didnt get her clothes...but she got Robbie's comforter. I think marker comes out...hopefully!

Can you see why it is a little scary having these 2 in the same household?

Can you see why Elle looked GIGANTIC to me when I got home from the hospital?
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5 minutes of awake time!

We got to see her eyes for a whole 5 minutes today!

Robbie was so funny this morning. He came into our room at 6:00am and said "Mommy, I really like your new baby." Then he fell asleep on our bed until her crying woke him up. I came into the room and he had given her a rubix cube. He told me that she was crying because she needed a toy. Then, I started feeding her and Robbie started laughing. He said "Mommy, she's so hungry she is trying to eat you! Dont worry, Ill go get her some real food that she can eat!!!

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Baby Jane!

We did it...we named her!

Jane Elizabeth Wood

She was bitty in her carseat!

Elle & Jane
Its a little scary. When we brought her home, Elle would not put her down. Then later when Elle woke up from her nap, she searched everywhere for her!

We'll catch her with her eyes open soon!(Robbie keeps wanting her to wake up!)
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She's Here!

Yesterday we welcomed our new baby into the world. She should have a name in the next hour or so...but we havent made the final decision!
5 lb 15 oz
19 in.
born at 2:17 pm, January 10

The kids came in to see her right after she was born. Robbie looked at her, and then said "Mom, she came out!!!" Then he hopped up on the bed beside us and gave her a kiss. A minute later, he ran over to my bag and opened the pack of binkies and brought one over to me for her. It was really sweet.
Elle hopped up on the bed by us (with chocolate all over her face) and immediately wanted to touch the baby's face. Then she grabbed the bulb syringe and was trying to feed the baby with it like it was a bottle. After that she reached down and tried to pick her up. She is a little Mommy! (a wonderful doll mommy...Im not so sure about a real baby mommy!)

We were really greatful that everything was as smooth as can be...from start to finish! Rob was amazing through the whole thing and has loved his time holding her.

I wish pictures could capture how tiny she is!

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Surprise! Look Who's 30!

Rob turned 30 this week!

The kids and I surprised him at the clinic during lunch with a little party for him and the other doctors. The real surprise was the next day when he came home from school, his entire family had flown out to surprise him for the weekend. It was hard keeping that a secret for a couple months!
I think Rob feels great about turning 30. He has 3 kids (as of yesterday), will be done with school in 2.5 years (but he has 9 years behind him!), loves his work, loves his family and we all ADORE him!
Happy 30th Hun!
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37.5 weeks

and NOTHING!!!!
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