Welcome to today

dress ups and tea

yummy dessert (chocolate frosting mixed with a granola bar, rice krispie treat, fruit by the foot and raspberry candy)

and the little hurricane. silently getting into EVERYTHING, unloading drawers, cabinets, cupboards and toys!
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under construction...

I am not much of a blogger...meaning, I dont know the ins and out of blogging, but I do want bigger pictures and my previous layout wasnt working for that purpose...so I will be under construction for a few days (or weeks) until I figure out a good look for the wood cabin. THANKS!


Janes First Birthday

Here she is with her cake...has no idea what to do...

Here she is with her cake...finally has it figured out!

Here is her little birthday smile

Here is just a sampling of her yummy birthday food! Look for all the details of Jane's Cherry Blossom Birthday on life frosting soon!
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more of Jane's First Birthday

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in case you are wondering...

this is why I cant let Elle dress herself yet! besides her shoes being on the wrong feet, she has multiple pairs of socks on with those leg warmers!

and she wants to wear her night gown out...with a snow hat. hmmm.


This Happy Day...

this happy day,

birds were chirping, flowers budding, lion laying down with the lamb...

had a sad ending.

Elle walked straight into the corner of a TILE POST...head on, full speed! We were in the mall and at first I thought things were ok...and then I noticed her blood soaked hair matted to her head. Rob did the stitching when he got home...7 stitches altogether and a very proud dad for his first stitching of his own child. Luckily, her hair covers it...and she hasnt even talked about it or touched in since Monday!
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Today is Jane's FIRST Birthday!
She took about 5 steps today too! I think within the next couple days whe'll really get the hang of walking!

Jane is the sweetest little thing! I cant even believe this year has gone by so fast!
We love you sweetie!
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These guys dont have a clue what to do with those!

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Christmas Morning

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Li-Ip (lipstick)

I cant even begin to explain Elle's obsession with lipstick. If she finds it---it becomes hers! She goes over and over and over on her lips and spends her extra time applying to our lips!

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Christmas Eve at Grandma's

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Auntie Em!

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Gingerbread Houses!

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