Moving...try not to do it!

We had one 26 foot truck...and after it was full, got another 26 foot truck. Both full to the brim. My dad drove one and Rob drove the other across the country....pulling our car, that was full too!

This is what we have been living in for a couple days. So overwhelming!!

Luckily, its coming together one room at a time. We still have a long way to go and only one day until we leave for 3 weeks!

I guess boxes will have to wait until we get home!
At least I have internet now...as of 5 minutes ago!
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He did it!!!

Rob graduated yesterday!!! Yeah! It has been 4 of the greatest, hardest years of his life...but he did it! (now 3 more and he'll do it again!)

He was pretty excited as were all of us!

This is our little group (the smiths had just left) WE WILL MISS YOU GUYS!!!

Thank you for coming out family! You are so amazing and we love you!
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Beach Days


So many reasons to wake up early...

at 5:45, all the treasures of the beach are there for exploring. The kids loved seeing all the wierd creatures, broken shells, and starfish!

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Jolly Roger the Golfer!

Robbie loves pirates so much that it is fun to be in a place that is all about them. We went miniature golfing at a pirate golfcourse and I think that Robbie was in pure heaven. He is already talking about his pirate birthday next year!

it helped that he was golfing with his princess!

they were pretty good!

Elle was good at picking up everybodies balls before they could hit them...that was really helpful!
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Crazy about icecream!

Elle went crazy about her first very own icecream cone.
It got pretty messy...but it was fun watching her!

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Outerbanks Aquarium...

Since the first couple of days here have been cold and rainy...we've found other things to keep us busy. The aquarium was so fun for me (and I think the kids had fun too!) I loved looking at the cool fish, turtles, frogs, otters, sea creatures, and sharks. I had Robbie pronounce the names of the fish: "armored suckermouth," "cuckoo squeeker," etc...and we both laughed so hard at his pronunciations!
The best part was petting the sting rays and starfish!

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