6 things you may not know about me...

1. I love collections. I dont ever start collections because I am overwhelmed by how many things there are...and that I may not ever be able to collect them all. It is also hard to start collections when you know that you should have been collecting whatever it is for the last 27 years! I do collect nativity sets...and though I havent always collected them, somehow...it is ok.
2. I love matching. I would love my whole family to have matching northface jackets. Also, I like it when my kids coordinate, and sometimes I make sure that Rob and I coordinate with them too!
3. I like to eat candy instead of dinner...
4. Like a lot of you out there, I sing and dance in the car when I am alone or with my kids. Back when black-eyed peas "Lets get it started" was on all of the time, I would work up a sweat and lose my voice.
5. I love reading books out loud to Rob. He would probably never read the same ones as me (not that either of us read that much) but, this way, I can choose the book and be able to talk about it with him all of the time! He is probably the only guy who has been read Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse!
6. If I dont like the end of a movie, (Like Holiday), I spend the evening thinking up my own ending...I cannot go to sleep until I have pictured it just the way I like it!

I am sure there are more things that you may not know...but those are on my mind right now!


DG Swim Get-Together

A couple of us DGs got together with our kids last week to swim. It was PERFECT weather, so we were really lucky! It was so fun to catch up and see eachothers' kids. We missed everyone that wasnt there...and it made us decide to get together more often!

9 DGs and 14 kids!

Robbie and Cute Ellie!
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The Leaves are Changing!

I am so glad I was here to witness the changing of the leaves! On saturday we drove up to Park City and Heber to see the bright colors! This is my favorite time of year...and though the leaves back east are amazing, they are unaccompanied by the dark green pine trees and mountains that really create this beautiful setting!

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Girls Night Out!

Last night the girls went to Secret Garden. It was really fun to be together and the play was great. I tried to hook Emmy up with Dicken, but we werent sure if he can talk with out singing his words...which could be a problem, say...at a restaurant or something. Also, I taught the girls how to make redvines look like fruit by the foot...and I really think they were impressed by their older sister's talents. Then, when we least expected it...the play took a turn and started singing familiar songs! "How could I know I would have to leave you, How could I know I would hurt you so...you were the one I was born to love, how could I ever know." So of course, I left the play in tears!
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A different world at the State Fair!

Did you know, that people prepare to show pigs at the fair for months and months before? They practice walking them so that their heads are up and they dont look "front heavy." Anyway, you dont have to travel the world to find out about different cultures...the state fair is a culture shock all in itself! Who knew there were over 50 types of Rabbits and have you ever heard of a "sugar glider?" They are awesome, so look them up online!

Robbie on a pony.

Robbie with Aunt Mattie...even though they look like siblings to me!

Being very soft with the new calf.

Lots of "Wilburs"
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Weekend at the Cabin

To finish off the Rob's time in Utah, we spent the weekend at the cabin in Montana. We had both grandmas there, uncle Tay Tay, aunt Mattie and Poppa flew up for one day. It was pretty chilly so we spent a lot of time by the fire...but the freezing cold lake water did not stop the kids! It was so nice to be back where the air is clear and nature is abundant!
My mom was scared the whole time because there were bear warnings by the cabin...a grizzly and a black bear! (We found evidence)

Family pics are getting harder and harder!

Mattie tried her hand at fishing!

One of the fishies...Robbie made sure he was a gonner by throwing him, rolling him in sand and swinging him over his shoulder!

We saw coyotes, elk and many bison in the park.


Elle was so excited to wear her Uggs and patagonia vest in the cool weather. (a gift from Grandpa Al)

Getting warm after hours in sub zero water!

Their idea of boogie boarding!

The fishie.

Bienvenido a San Antonio

After a couple weeks of intense interviews, pros and cons lists, fasting and prayer, and hours and hours of weighing the options...we have decided to move to San Antonio for Rob's specialty program. He will be doing his Periodontics residency at University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio. (UTHSCSA for short) We are going to miss Philly and the East Coast SO MUCH! We have a little less than a year to take advantage of all that our city has to offer, take more side vacations, and host LOTS of visitors (hint hint hint)

Congratulations Matt and Jessica

We left OBX a little early to come home for Matt and Jessica's wedding! We are so excited for the two of them!
Outside the temple
Matt and some of his bestfriends...obviously many arent in this picture.

Miranda and I at the reception...that was quite spectacutar I must say!

Nagshead, Outerbanks 2007

We were SO lucky to have PERFECT weather the entire trip! Seriously, we just woke up and hung out at the beach or pool all day everyday! Rob started calling me antisocial because I read Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse while we were there! (Now I know why everyone loves those books and I have joined the club...counting the days until the next one comes out!) Anyway, the kids just played in the sand and didnt need any entertaining from us...so it was really relaxing. We love our outerbanks group...and I hope even though we will all be moving next year, we can keep up the tradition! Little Happy Robbie!

Little Happy Elle!

Family Photo!

Elle in her beach cover up...ready to go play!

Robbie getting sleepy for naptime!

Sister watching brother play in the water while she plays on the sand!

I kind of wanted to show off my beach bag. My friend Kathy and I made these before the trip...it is pretty much my first successful craft project ever, so Im a little proud!

Robbie's daily ritual...dragging the sandtoys from the beach house to the beach!