A Pirate and his Parrot!

Hopefully on Halloween we'll get their makeup and accessories on...but for tonight, we were lucky to get there costumes on for the first time!

I thought Elle would just start ripping out her feathers...but she surprisingly left them alone. I think she was kind of proud of her feathery costume!

Robbie asked me how we could get Elle on his shoulder...and how she could fly!

Trunk or treating was the coolest thing Elle has ever done..being the candy-addict that she is! Little does she know the Halloween witch is going to come and take it all away!
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Vote Palin/McCain for best costume!

At our Halloween Party last night, Rob and I dressed up like Mcain and Palin. (it was a little hard to pull off at 28 wks pregnant, but at least I could button my suit!) It was really fun, and we didnt even have to tell people who we were!


Rob bobbed for apples 3 times! Once blind folded!

He talked me into doing the doughnuts on a string...I took 2 bites!

Robbie was asking why there were strings hanging in our backyard, so I strung a doughnut and let him try!

For pictures of the party, go to my life frosting page (they should be up soon!)
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Pumpkin Patch

or just a place to buy pumpkins! Hopefully we'll get to a real orchard/patch soon (it was raining when we tried) but for now we just stopped by a local church's lawn!

I had to stop Robbie from rolling them all out of place into the street!

Elle of course wouldnt sit still long enough for a picture!
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Curler girl

I have Elle begging for curlers...how weird is that. She calls them bows and will sometimes drag me to the bathroom and point at them. Today I finally got some pictures of after the curlers! These are before they calmed down at all!

showing off!

finally posing for a picture...kind of

doing what she does best...running away!
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Little Boy..

The "ladder-cop tree!" He is constantly making up words, Anything could be a word...and if he doesnt know the word or exactly how to say it, he just adds "gum" to the front of it: gumbrella, gumtatoe bug, gumtar!

Thanks to his Grandma, he is building up a costume collection. This is what he does when he is bored, dresses up completely into spiderman, a pirate or dark vader!

Practicing soccer down the stairs! My favorite thing he says right now is a phrase he uses to justify what he is doing: "sometimes Robbies have to play soccer in the house" "sometimes robbies have get thirsty and cant go to bed" Sometimes robbies need to cuddle with mommies!"
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Kids are SO funny!

Robbie came down during his naptime yesterday and said "Mom, I have something for you" He pulled out this fine creation and when I asked what it was he said "A Ladder-cop Tree!" He never stops making up words...and now that he is in Spanish preschool, he makes up all sorts of spanish words too! He is still totally obsessed with Starwars, a little superman and batman and luckily he like pirates too (please like them at least til Halloween!)
Elle is funnier than ever...and such a girl. She puts her baby to bed before she goes to bed, holds her everywhere...and the funniest is her new way of giving kisses. She holds both sides of your face and then tilts her head as she gently kisses you...oh but you're not done yet, she keeps taking turns tilting one way then the other as she showers you with her kisses! It's cute...but it has Rob worried for the future!
I put her in pigtails yesterday (not the ones at the top...but real ones) and Rob could not get over it. All day he kept saying, "She is growing up, she looks like a little girl, she is so cute!" That is a Daddy head over heels for his daughter!

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the first Soccer game

Robbie's first soccer game was SO funny. I dont know if he knew there was an actual point to all the running, but hopefully with time he'll pick it up. I wish I had a picture of him in a huddle with the other team...totally clueless! He listened to their coach and did the cheer with them!

Yeah, I wish Elle just sat there through the game. She was on the field half the time playing in the goal!

I loved it when Robbie pulled out his pretend sword in the game. He ran around with his hand straight out in front of him and the other at his hip!
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