Sharing her bow with uncle TAY TAY

we are all jealous of tay tays hair. How did one of the boys in the family get more hair than all of the girls combined? Elle thought she'd help his hair out with her bow

her expression says "I love you uncle, but you have more hair than Ive ever seen on a boy apart from santa clause."
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Ice skating

This was interesting. Elle and Robbie really didnt have a clue how to stay balanced on their skates! We pretty much supported them around the rink the entire time...but it was fun, and different! So, chalk one up to first time experiences!

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It wouldnt be Christmas without...

The kids nativity!
It was purely a picture taking moment! The words of Luke were muffled by our flashes...but I think we all felt the spirit of the story in the kids costumes!




(baby milo was baby Jesus, Caden was a wiseman, and Mattie was another angel)
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Elle's Tea Party

Elle had her Mother Daughter Tea Party today. It was So fun to see all the little girls and their mommy's dressed up. It was a lot of planning, but was so worth it in the end! Here are a couple pictures...Ill try to get more up when it isnt midnight!

I stayed up late making her cake last night. My very first all fondant cake ever! It is actually really fun to do it...so maybe Ill try it again sometime! (shaping the spout was my hardest part!)

It was fun to wear pink with Elle!

a little glimpse of the tea room (before food)

more tomorrow!
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little crazies

finding their elves in the pantry getting into the oreo cookies

robbie wanted to call everyone that he knows!

little crazies at bathtime

learning about being a little crazy
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I could hear Robbie yelling to me from upstairs. "mom, I want to be a fighter" turns out he was preparing me for his costume. He came down exactly like this, spiderman underwear mask and batman cape...his very own interpretation of Nacho Libre. Im so proud!

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the latest sport of choice

Robbie and Daddy played baseball about 100 times over the break. Robbie kept hitting it over the fence and getting so worried. "Here we go again!" "Not AGAIN!" It was so funny

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Life is still happening...

Even though I have been busy, life is still happening at our house! Robbie loves taking his shirt off and doing exercises in the mirror, Elle has decided that the only important thing in life is make up and more specifically lip gloss. Robbie has figured out that santa uses a magic snowball-globe to find out if kids are bad or good and Elle sings "We wis you a mody tismas" at the top of her lungs with her eyes clothes everywhere we go.

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Robbie helped me with my gift list...

Dont you wish you were on this list:
Grandma: warm lotion and soap
Mommo: warm lotion and soap
Poppa: Bike
Big Al: snowboard movies
Aunt Miranda: warm blanket for Milo
Dave: paintbrush
Skuncle Jeff: dinosaur movies
aunt Katie: car
uncle Eric: robot cleaning machine
Emmy: robot cleaning machine
Mattie: robot that throws toys so she can catch them
Caden: basketball hoop
This is going to make my shopping SO easy!


I love this little baby!

Robbie Loves Jane...he protects her from Elle (when she needs protection!) and now he has learned to carry her around the house...that is just a little scary!
She loves him too and lights up when she sees him!

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Girly Girls!

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Halloween Party 2009

Tough roller derby chick.

Some of the crazy costumes.

The coolest costumes ever. Just kidding. Making the shirts was SO FUN!

A picture at the end of the night. There were probably about 70-75 people there and it really was a lot of fun. Rob made an awesome 30 song dance mix so from 10pm on...it was all dancing! (for some of us!)

To see Halloween Party decor details click here
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