The Package from Grandma...

So, Robbie and Elle just received a great package from their Grandma. It was full of fun things that the kids love and are "into" right now. Here is some of the commentary following the cool toys:
Light Saber: after carrying it around all day, and digging throught the laundry to find his starwars shirt to go with it, robbie said "Mom, maybe I could go on the movie Starwars and I could tell Luke he could borrow my new sword!"
Pirate Toys: Of course he had to get all his pirate gear on, and remind me that he still needs a pirate belt from "potty barn" and then he kept saying " I am just like the "Carrots of the Bian" (instead of Pirates of the Carribean!) He knows all about Pirates, I think he just thought that was the name of a Pirate movie!
Elle wouldnt take off her princess tiara and carried around her want for awhile. She also kept trying to swipe Robbies Pirate Coins!
Thank You Grandma for a GREAT package!



Rob and I just had our 5th year anniversary! We haven't celebrated yet...but I cant believe it's been 5 years!

All Girl...

It is AMAZING to me how natural it is for litle girls to Love girl stuff.
Elle loves dolls, dogs in purses, play makeup...and she gets into my stuff. I didnt teach her to like it, she just came that way. I remember when she was 10 months old walking down the baby doll aisle at target...she immediately came to life laughing and reaching for the dolls!

with a name like hers, its only appropriate to love a chihuahua in a leopard skin purse!

this is a sad picture...because it shows a couple of her mosquito bites. She and robbie get 100's of bites from playing in the backyard!

hugging her doll before she puts her in the stroller!
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not sitting like a lady!

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It's official...#3 is on the way!

Well, I finally went to the Doctor today...so here's a picture of the baby! I couldnt believe it was already moving and turning and doing stuff with its hands!
Due January 22!
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Oh the Fabulous pets in our yard!

It's AMAZING the things Rob and Robbie find in our backyard. This week it was a tiny salamander, last week a frog, and the week before a lizard with a giant mouth! Hopefully all of these pets (that we keep contained for no more that a couple hours) will hold off the kids from wanting a dog!
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Sharpie Attack

I should never assume that when I cant hear Elle for awhile, she is upstairs playing with her toys or reading a book. Yesterday, after 5 minutes of not hearing a sound, I ran upstairs to find her painting every part of her body with blue, red and green sharpies! The pictures dont do it justice, because she was covered..she got her scalp, face, arms, legs, shirt, shorts, feet, hands, not to mention the bathroom and carpet. The bathroom came off ok with alcohol...any suggestions for the carpet?
one of the many streaks on her scalp
This is a little better picture of her legs...I picked her up, fed her dinner (without a bib...like she needed one at that point) and took her to the pool! The chlorine helped to lighten the colors a little!



I think it is throwing Robbie off to be in a new house, and for our bedroom to be downstairs. So, he usually comes down about 10 times at night...and usually really early in the morning. I am trying to see if this will work, just to get him started. The junkfood superman shirt from the gap. We got it in the mail today, but I told him he can have it after a week of staying in his own bed. So, 10 minutes after bed tonight he came down saying "Can I play with my new shirt in bed?" Anyway, I let him...that isnt giving in...right?
Also, at bedtime after I read him 4 stories, he said "now I get to cuddle with you my wonderful princess." How is that for cute!


A really sad day for Jason fans...

Well, it's over. Jesse and DeAnna are getting married next May and Jason didnt get to complete his family. I am really sad...cause I could see DeAnna being Ty's new mommy.
At least we got to see Shane and Matt together again. They are SO cute.
Anyway. Hard day. Maybe Jason will be the next Bachelor!


America's Birthday...Texas Style!

We had a great 4th of July. Everyone that we know here made us feel SO welcome to the State. We started out at the Ward Pancake Breakfast, and then headed out to our friends' families house. They spoiled us all day with a big BBQ lunch, crafts for the kids, endless entertainment and chatting. They even had fireworks and a great dinner planned...that we couldnt stay for because of our napless little Elle! Later in the evening, we let Elle sleep and went to Rudys (a famous bbq place here) and then up to Boerne, TX. It is like 20 minutes away, but is like a little Park City. I cant wait to explore during the day!

What? Oh, are you wondering if Elle participated in a clogging/square dancing show? No, her Mom made her wear it! I made it the day before and somehow didnt realize how silly it was until Rob was completely embarrassed to take her anywhere in it! Oh well!

I think Robbie was in HEAVEN playing with swords with Smith, (a little guy his age) He is used to being surrounded with girlies...so he had SO much fun. He never wanted to leave!

Here was our kid craft...How fun for the kids. I know I had fun making Elle's!
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Robbie and Elle-isms

Elle continues to be accident prone. As you can see her new injury on her head from falling down at the pool. Luckily, our lifeguards took her in and bandaged her up. I got her a doll sized table and chairs...that she immediately decided was her size. She sat on the chair up to the table, and stacked crackers and assorted play food on it! As you can see, she is also really good at making castles with her food. I finally let it go, and I give her a fork or spoon and let her eat by herself. It is really messy, but really easy! She says "hi" to anything that moves...birds, planes, dogs, dolphins, etc!

The other day Robbie was looking at my wedding ring. He asked where I got it and I told him that Daddy gave it to me when we go married. He said "when I grow up to be a daddy, I am going to Marry you, and I will get you another Ring like that!" Of course I said "Yes!"
The other day at Target, he was doing his own shopping (as always). He was dragging around a Superman gift bag, filling it with treasures. He came running up and threw some lucky charms in my basket and said "Mom, you got to try this cereal...Yeah, Baby!!!" That is his new thing, yelling "Yeah Baby" after everything!
Yesterday he said in the car, "Mom, Im frustrated that I dont have a new sword."
He has started saying "Mom that was such a fun day" after everything we do...that makes it nice.
He laughed his head off at the Sea Lion show at Sea World...so I think we'll make that a regular.
Today he SWAM for the first time (in his life jacket) He just kept going around the pool and jumping in by himself! Lessons start Monday, pics to come!

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