My little Band

I found these pictures on my other camera and had to share! I cant remember if it was "I" for instrument day or "M" for music day, but it sure was funny!

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Latest Robbie-ism...

Robbie is the biggest helper. the other day, I was so tired in the morning that I let the kids play in his room, shut the door and tried to go back to sleep in Robbie's bed. So, Robbie went downstairs and got some cereal to share with Elle, and they just played. He put the cereal on the bed and I accidentally knocked it off (not knowing what it was) so he ran and got the vaccuum and cleaned it up! What? It was like a dream morning!
later, he asked me: "Mommy, Are you a Princess?" (yes, of course) I asked him if Addie was a princess too (wondering if that is where he came up with the phrase) and he said "yes, she is cinderella... I dont want to be her daddy thought...ok?" Apparently addie asks her daddy to be her prince and sometimes gets the words mixed up, so she kept asking robbie to dance with her and be her daddy.
He also asked me: "Mommy, are you a lady?" "yes" "are you MY lady?"
and then of course today he asked me if I was a drycleaning lady.

Valentines Day is coming!

Pretty much my favorite Holiday! I have so many ideas...I want to post them all, but Im thinking about starting another blog for that sort of thing. The problem is coming up with a name that isnt in use! Any ideas? The goal: parties, thoughtful ideas for holidays, all of the stuff that I LOVE!

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Hangin with the Stars!

There was really nothing else to do in New York but hang out with the celebs at a huge party. Yeah we pretty much saw all the big shots, and they were really cool to us.

Rachel Ray showed us some fish and chips techniques
Morgan was not super stoked to have his picture taken...but seriously, what a guy
Shakira and I were showing each other dance moves...
Eric and Rob fought a little over Jessica, but they got over it
Jane and I really did karaoke...I would have to say we sounded pretty fantasticAt least Simon thought so

Rob was so happy to finally meet the Elle Macpherson
Susan was son nice to let me hop in this picture with her
Wouldnt have been a party without this guy!
Notorious was not really impressed with my dancing skills...I think he was used to a little different type of dancer!

There were so many more, I would love to share all of my new best friends...but I dont want to bore anyone!

New York...without kids...in the freezing cold!

We did not spend much time outside...just enough to get to our destinations: lunch at Cosi, Madame Tussauds, dinner at Planet Hollywood (yeah you heard right), and then the broadway ALTAR BOYS! (So funny!)

We stopped in to see the bearded woman singing "what a girl wants!"

Can you believe he is out there in this weather...There are so many questions about this scenario!

Jane and I at Reading terminal market (in Philly the next day)
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Setting for Sushi...

Eric and Jane came to visit last weekend. I was so excited to let Rob cook dinner...he loves to make Sushi. So, naturally he cooks and I set the table! Yum!

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Snowflakes Everywhere!

Its over! It will never cease to amaze me how much effort goes into one little 3 hour time block! It was a lot of fun...and though Elle may not have noticed the decorations, she definitely noticed the yummy food!
after looking back at Robbies...I had to make the home made banner a tradition!

I have been collecting snowflakes...so I hung them wherever I could.
I know this looks christmassy, but I thought it would be fun to add the silver balls to white branches...for the colors mainly.
Elle's Snowball cake!

Rob and I dipped pretzels in carmel and white chocolate...starting at 11pm!

She didnt "dive" in...but she enjoyed the frosting.

trying to walk a little...
even with one hand!

Kim made the darling bow that matched perfectly!

Yes...Robbie was there too, though you would hardly know it because he was playing with his friends the whole time!


Birthday Party Preparation Day!

Today is the day before Elle's 2nd FIRST BIRTHDAY PARTY! Ok...so it is obvious that I dont do these parties for my one year old's happiness...but for MINE! I think it is kind of my creative outlet. I have been baking all day, stringing the banner, and cutting out polkadots. Hope it all comes together tomorrow!

Robbie's first Birthday:Baseball. (missing from the picture were the mini pigs in blankets)

Robbie's second Birthday: Cars

(party favors)
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"Mommy, You're my Best Friend"

I made it! Seriously, my life feels like a success today after Robbie told me that I was his Best Friend. I think he must have learned it in playgroup today...and wanted to test the phrase out, but I loved hearing it! He was the dream little boy today, telling me "thank you so much for helping me," and "I made my bed all by myself!." He is king of the movie lines right now. All of the sudden he'll pull out a phrase from one of his disney movies...incredibles: I just cleaned up this mess, mulan: Ill make a man out of you, and MANY others!
I love my little Robbie!

the downside of my day was Elle falling down stairs...TWICE! She is so resillient, but it breaks my heart...especially when it is my fault for not having baby gates everywhere! BUT, she says "Hi" now, as she waves. It is the cutest thing!

At the Barnum & Bailey in the spring
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Holiday Highlights: Family

Well, I took a long break from my blog...and now I am trying to catch up by letting you in on some of the favorites of this Holiday season. I didnt take as many pictures as I would have liked...but hopefully with my new christmas camera, I will start taking more!

This was the picture of the kids that I used on our Christmas cards...which by the way I would love to send to you if I had your address.

I rarely have pictures with just Rob and I anymore...but here is one at Bonzaii.

We got to hang out with Robs brothers and family a lot!

Ok...here it is...that is what my family looks like Christmas morning!

Highlights: Sledding

Robbie LOVED sledding at the cabin. At the top of the hill he would yell "snow boogie" (that is what the sled said) and then, Adam tried to teach him to say "Ludicrous Speed." His attempt sounded more like "ludibixbee!"

We all took turns with him...this is a picture with Adam. I think I was videotaping all of the runs with Rob!

Highlights: DGs and friends

We got to see SO many friends while we were home...and I didnt get pictures of everyone. But here are a few I did catch.
Chelsa hosted a REALLY fun lunch where we all brought our kids!

We met at southtowne mall (what?) because of "Dinotowne!"
This was a really special day...one of my mission companions from Honduras has just moved to California with her husband, and they came in town for a couple of days. I got to go and see Karen Marquina and her family!