Sandbox...the new hit!

We have some boxes in our backyard. I think they may be for gardening or something...but we all know that will never ever happen, so I had Rob fill one with Sand! Yeah...happy dirty kids!!! Playgroup was so fun today, the girls spent 45 minutes playing out here!

Isnt it sad that this was after I had wiped her nose...like seconds after, and look at it!

Someone was happy to be outside! I think tree branches and a blanket is the best play gym!
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Sleeping Beauty...

Well we are at a solid 7 hours between feedings at night! She goes straight back to sleep after so i dont mind a bit!
She has been sleeping through movies at the theater the past couple nights...Thank you Jane!

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Robbie's Pirate Party

Finally, after months of getting him ready for it...we had his pirate party!!! I think he had so much fun, and I have to admit I am kind of glad it's over! for complete party details and pictures click here

elle loved it too...and had to be just as much a part of the party as anyone else!

Rob worked very hard on the cake...and look how cool it turned out! I baked 4 sheet cakes and he cut them all apart and put it into a boat shape...He did the entire thing!

Here are most of the kids in most of their gear!

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Taking turns with Janie

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Dress ups with Ellie

I LOVE to see Ellie when we come in town. This time was extra special because she taught Robbie how to play dress ups!

As you can see...he needs some practice!

I love these girls! It was so fun to get together, even for a little bit with ALL of our kids! by the way, I cant believe I put this picture up..yes, I really did look this bad that day! AHHHH!
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Jungle Jims

On Robbie's birthday, since we were still in Utah, we went to Jungle Jims for a couple of hours.

Elle loved it and played happily by herself the whole time! She was not afraid of anything!

Beckham came to play with Robbie...they had a great time!

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Grandpa & Dorothy with kids

Grandpa & Dorothy came to see the new baby. I think Elle really loved Dorothy's pink pants!

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Jane's first shoot..

If you are wondering why its been awhile since I last posted...it is because Elle poured a bucket of water on my laptop!  So, it is being sent to Dell to fix and in the mean time, I am trying to get by without one!  Anyway, here are pictures from Jane's first shoot.  I have no idea how I am going to decide!!!  Allison was so patient with us as always and I am so excited about how they turned out.  (englishphoto.com or her photo blog is listed on the left)
Robbie was SO cooperative.  There are a couple with Elle too, but I have yet to see all the proofs.


my dear friends

my dear friends wade and brianne dont have a blog yet...so today they tested out their blogging skills by posting these adorable pics of their twins (and I love their commentary below):

I just want to take a minute to thank my dear friend Wade Wisan. It was so so fun to visit his cute little twins. Boy are they good looking babies!! They look just like their father. Thanks again for the visit. I love coming to Utah.

Party at Grandma Liz's

Grandma Liz loves to go all out on birthdays and holidays! Robbie got to celebrate his b-day a little early at her house with a special batman party! He loved it...and was still playing with his toys at 10:30pm!

Elle didnt mind the party at all...there was cake and rootbeer (as you can see all over her shirt!)

It was so fun for the kids to see their grandparents and great grandma!
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Jane visiting family...

Big Al the kiddies pal (or big owl...if you are robbie)

loving her great-grandmother's arms

Nanna & Jane

Uncle E
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The kids are SO excited to be playing in SNOW! They haven't seen a lot of that lately! Robbie has thought of every snow tool possible, he has been using a tortilla press to smash snowballs!

Elle, mismatched and funny like always, just follows her brother around outside.

She doesnt quite understand the purpose of mittens. As soon as I put them on her, she walks outside and takes them off!
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