Rob's first post

That is Rob's first post...seriously, how funny that he jumped on and posted that. You can tell how proud he is!

Robbies First fish

This was one of my very proudest moments as a mother!!!!I am going to let Rob fish all he wants from now on, as long as he teaches both Robbie and Elle how to fly fish.Robbie caught three of the four fish all by himself. He was pretty excited.
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Hebgen Lake Happenings...

I was FASCINATED by the Bear and Wolf discovery center in West Yellowstone. It is so fun to be so close to animals that arent found in the zoo!
Our wildlife sightings were: 2 moose (a couple of times, so we think they may have been the same 2) a fox and 4 foxlings, and 2 elk. (of course those who went into yellowstone say buffalo, coyotes, etc)
Lots of Fish. Lots.
My dad flew the kids and I from Powell to Hebgen. 2.5 hours in the plane verses 12 hours in the car...THANK YOU DAD!
Robbie's famous fish
The pet frog for a day.
Elle with her giant lip. She fell on the dock the first day, and her lip got HUGE!

Elle in a bear trap...maybe thats what I need at home!

Our Fox without her foxlings
The boys and some of the fish.
Elle and her sad face. I couldnt bear to get pictures when it was really bad. That was dumb!
The bears and their bear popsicle
This is seriously how they eat...well, and fish of course!

Robbie's First Fishing Story...

One evening up at Hebgen Lake, we asked Robbie if he wanted to go fishing the next morning. He said "you mean when I grow up?" We just answered "yeah, but you can also go tomorrow morning." So, we woke him up really early and asked him if he were ready to go fishing. He threw the covers off and then drowsily lifted up his pant legs and pinching his legs checking for leg hair. He said "did I grow up, because I dont have hair on my legs?"

So his day began and he and Rob headed out on the canoe. They had two rods both in holders. After a little while Rob's rod had a bite. He tried to get Robbie to reel it in, but robbie declined and said "no dad, that's yours." So after a minute Rob had to reel in robbies line because it was stuck on seaweed. When he freed the lewer, he decided he better try a shinier "jakes" on the line to give Robbie a better chance at catching something. As he changed the lewer, Robbie said "Daddy, I dont want that one, I want that red rubber fish on mine." Rob was hesitant because it wasnt a lewer that had been working and the jakes had been doing a good job, but decided it was Robbie's day, and to put the red flat fish on his line.

After a minute Robbie got a bite. Rob told him to reel it in, and he did! He kept saying "I think it's stuck" because of the fighting fish, but Rob assured him it was fine and to keep reeling. So he did and he laughed his head off when the fish flopped around the boat! That was the first of 3 rainbows Robbie caught that morning all by himself with his red fish lewer! Rob was beaming when they got home!

Robbie with Rob's brown (at the top) and his two 19" and one 17" rainbow.
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Lake Powell Heaven!!

Family Pictures with Allison

One of my favorite things about going home is getting our pictures done with Allison English. She did all our wedding pictures and has done all our family and children pictures since then! Thank You Allison! (www.englishphoto.com)

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