The whole family in costumes!

I think it has been a couple years since I have dressed up...but something got into me this year. Friday morning, before the party...I went to Joannes and got to work on "Cruella Devil." I figured if Robbie was a dalmation and Elle was a cat...it would sort of go. Anyway, I made the black and white tutu and then painted polkadots on this faux fur. A little hair color and wala...the most costume Ive worn since DG days! Rob came home and surprised me with his costume...he said he got a lot of strange looks on the subway, I wonder why!

Cruella and Robbie the doggie

Hillbilly sox fan and baby Elle the Kitty. Rob made these hillbilly teeth in the dental lab. When he got home and tried to kiss me...I thought that they were actual teeth that he had extracted and I nearly threw up. He went along with it and said "I totally sanitized them!" Then he told me the that he had made them out of composite...silly me!

One strange looking family!

Robbie was not totally in to wearing his costume! He kept taking the hat off and asking me to take off the body. Well, after the monsoon at the Lagoon the next day...I dont know if he will be able to wear it again anyway!
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We made it out to Linvilla Orchards to visit Pumpkinland! We met up with cute Addie and Ben there.

We told Robbie to say "Addie is pretty" for the picture!

I think Benny was on top of the bail!

Robbie shared his Grandma with Addie (Wow, that is nice considering he can barely share her with his baby sister!)

Little Friends!

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Little Miss Mobile!

Well, it became official on Sunday...Elle can crawl Forward! All this backward stuff was getting a little frustrating for her, especially as the object that she wanted always seemed to move further and further away from her. Now, she can get what she wants, much to Robbie's dismay. He cant leave any of his things in her sight, or she will be holding it...chewing on it! She has been crawling for 5 days now and I am ready for her to walk...to get those clothes up off the floor!

Sometimes to get started she uses her feet to kick off...

It is tiring being a crawler...

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Relaxing in a PEANUT BATH!

Robbie went out to play on the front porch this morning. After a couple of minutes of silence, I went out to check on him and found his clothes strewn everywhere (even his skivvies) and he was relaxing inside this box full of peanuts. I asked him what he was doing, and he said that he was taking a bubble bath...looks relaxing to me!

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Finally a little colder weather!

Everytime I try to take a picture of the kids, I sit them on the front porch and try to sing and dance to make them look and smile. Usually "I like pickles and cheese" works for Robbie, but as you can see...I need to work on my skills!

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"Let's put a hug on it"

Robbie is at such a fun age, I wanted to document some of the cute things he has been saying.
"Let's put a hug on it" when he wants a hug
"I peed on spiderman" when he has an accident and feels SO bad about it (I bought "character' underwear to give him an incentive)
"Be Careful Jesus, Dont fall Jesus" when we drive by the church with the big statue of Jesus on the Cross
"NO WAY, that's so Awesome!" about pretty much everything
"Is daddy going to SHUNKY-SHUNKY?" Part of our new language that is all made up words, I usually answer "yeah, but we can stay home and do roosky skiddly bop"
"Bye Bye, I have to go to work. I have to mow the lawn" As he gets ready to mow the lawn with his bubble mower...he HAS to be wearing his "black" shoes to mow the lawn.
There is a new one everyday! His favorite thing right now is Playdough. He loves making noodles and confetti. I think he and Rob played playdough for 2 hours the other day. He gets so excited for preschool and playgroup...and is ready and willing to take a nap at noon. I have to be careful going shopping with him, because I end up with a LOT of extra things in the cart. He's a funny little guy!


Queenie the Witch is DONE!

Well, it has taken about 2 weeks...but my witch is done! I started making her in Utah and have done all the clothes during naptimes. YEAH!!!
You start out with a ball of clay and 2 glass eyes...

...make some hands and then bake them...

...start with underclothes...

then make outer clothes and a cape!

I named her "Queenie" because she started out kind of funny and sexy and ended up looking like Catherine the Great with a witch hat on! Its ok...I think they just come together completely different than you expect!

Road Trip Weekend in Massachussetts

This past weekend, we took a family trip to Massachussetts. We had a lot of places to see...and only 3 days to see them, so we were going going going! We started in the beautiful Berkshires in the west and then spent time in the east at Cape Cod and Marthas Vineyard.
Robbie is so good in the car. We gave him books to look at, and it would keep him occupied for a long time. We didnt even have to take out the dvd player!

We saw this car fire on the road! CRAZY! Robbie wont stop asking what happened to the car on fire! I think all of the passengers were safe as there was a group of teenagers standing a short distance from the car...crying. Sad!

House Shopping in Newport Rhode Island

After seeing 15 Gigantic mansions the size of european castles on Bellevue street, we have decided to go for something a little smaller. Seriously check out www.newportmansions.com for some incredible pictures

Marthas Vineyard

I think it really is as wonderful as everybody says! The quaint shops, seafood, darling homes and churches, beautiful harbors...I hope next time we can stay for a week and not just a night!

the Cranberry Harvest, Cape Cod

For some reason, I have always wanted to see the cranberry harvest. I dont know if it was a report I did on Massachussetts when I was young or the Ocean Spray commercials...but I have always been curious! It was SO fun to learn about and watch!

Robbie and I took a helicopter ride over the bogs!

"and the Berkshires seemed dreamlike..."

...on account of the foliage! It was so fun to visit James Taylor's town. We made sure to keep his music on the whole time...it just seemed fitting. It really was beautiful, and now I can see why he sings about the Berkshires all of the time!

Lake Laurel...one of hundreds of lakes in the Berkshires.

Of course I had to eat at Carol's and get James Taylor's favorite omelette. Feta, Tomatoe, and Spinach...if you are wondering.Word has it that this is his driveway!

The Mount. Edith Wharton's summer cottage.