Swim Lessons!

I am so proud of little Robbie. He has come so far in his lessons. He started not even knowing how to hold himself up in a life jacket, and now he can float on his back for a full minute. The funny part is that he fully thinks he can swim now and he jumps in and starts kicking. Of course that is the scary part...because he isnt there YET! Hopefully he'll get a little further before school starts andd he stops his lessons! Elle on the other hand, she didnt love lessons...she would rather me just hold her in the pool. Maybe next year!

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Rachel said...

Way to go Robbie!!! Love the "splashy kicks" and tummy float!

christensen crew said...

Chelsea, so sorry to hear that you've been sick. When the MOmmy is sick, the whole house seems to go under. And, it is hard to tend to sick kiddies when you can barely pull yourself out of bed. I remember being pregnant with my third and feeling so sick, and crying, and crying in front of my oldest son! You feel like you may be letting them down, or maybe creating worries for their little hearts, especially when they try to make you all better.....those are some hard times....:) Hang in there, You're lucky that your husband is showing your kids how to love and treat Mommy! WHat a good guy! Six loads, what a champ!