Moments like this

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State Fair

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Pumpkin Patch

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Wrong shoes for the pumpkin patch!

What was I thinking? Oh, I know...I wasnt!

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You know its a good day when...

your son brings one of these home from school!
What a sweetie!

He got it home, put it in a box along with some of my chocolate covered cinnamon bears (my favorite) from our pantry, a strip of drywall tape he found, and a wooden U of U plaque that Rob made him...and brought it to me. He said he wished he could have found my favorite hat to put in the package as well.
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Robbie's inventions

Sometimes it is hard to let your kids use their imaginations...because their beds look like this!!!

the jammienator and clothesenator help robbie get ready in the morning. All he has to do is grab the corner of one item and his whole outfit comes down!

Here are a lot of different things...a slingshot, a magnifying glass and a bag of things to look at with it, a bag of weapons, etc.

hat hanger, tool apron... you know, the essentials!

Robbie loves to "invent" things.
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