Buck Medley

Not to brag or anything, but Rob's patient is a full out super star. Any of you bow hunting junkies probably know how awesome "Buck Medley" is. He has killed alligators up to 15 feet long. And where are these monster-sized alligators you ask? Oh, just about an HOUR away from where we live!!!
He owns 5 ranches where he has alligators, wild boar, gar, and all other scary species you can imagine.
You want to see some crazy videos of this guy in action, google him: Buck Medley

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I love baby food

no actually, im not a fan.
maybe when we get the hang of it
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Robbie's surprise

This is me holding an icecream cone

this is rob holding a pizza and me eating a candy cane

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This is what elle had to say...

about her lunch of a hot dog and waffle (compliments of Rob)

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Lipstick jungle

if Elle is missing for 1 second, you are sure to find her...

in my bathroom getting "Pretty"

sometimes getting her doll pretty too...

sometimes double layering colors.
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Robbie's "pee" game

We hear about Robbie's "pee" game pretty much every time he goes. Again, today he came in to explain it to us...the object is to shoot the bubbles.
bubbles:bad guys
Robbie: good guy
the shooter: his "Gweanie!"
We were laughing so hard about his little nick name!



Sometimes you gotta get a haircut

even when your mommy would just let it grow and grow forever!

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Fishing Poles

even though he could use this one...

he was really into the one that he made with a stick and old line he found in the bushes. He really thought they would work just the same. Rob tied a hookless lewer on the end so that it was official. I used to do the same thing when I was little.

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This little girl cracks me up...

until she jumps in with no life jacket and throws up gallons of water all night.
Scariest day of my life. Really, there is no such thing as too careful. There were 8 adults in the pool and she was right by Rob, but he was facing the other direction...I was a yard away and didnt see it.
I love you Elle Belle...please dont be a daredevil!

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Little DG Alum get together

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Where are my Athens Pictures?

My card was full...so Emmy and my Mom have all the pictures...darn

here is the parthenon from our hotel balcony

here is a cool guy and his instrument

and a blurry picture of us (we had Emmy's friends with us too)
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Florence, Genoa, Lake Como...

I am realizing that I dont have many pictures...I guess that is what happens when you travel with a photographer. I let Emmy take all the pics...so here are some randoms...

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Cincue terre

Let me just say...RUN, do not walk...just run to the airport and get to cincue terre. Yes, it really is that cool. The hike is a pretty big challenge (but if you have a baby in tow, you can take trains to the cities with the rough terrain)

My favorite line from Robbie when I showed him pictures of this online before the trip
"mom, is that in Italy? that's cool that that mountain is made of houses.)

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