Nothing like a little Thanksgiving Tennis!

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Thanksgiving Bloopers...

You always need to blog the good AND the bad...so, here it is: our thanksgiving turkey!

After brining for 24 hours, and seasoning to perfection...our little tennis outing made it impossible to stick tinfoil over the skin in time to keep it from browning...or BLACKENING. Luckily the inside was delicious and moist! The rolls were a problem however. I think it was faulty yeast...because they did not rise at all, overnight or after rolled out!

At least it all tasted good!

It was so fun to have my family in town for the holiday!!!

The pies turned out great! They are my favorite part of the meal!
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What did Santa look like as a little boy?

This is my guess! Robbie was having so much fun dipping his face in the bubbles and saying "HO HO HO...DO YOU WANT SOME PRESENTS?" Elle was copying him and blowing in the bubbles saying ho ho ho!

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30 weeks...

Last week I was 30 weeks and took this picture, this week...something happened cause I feel twice this size. Picture to come!
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Candy makes their world go round.

Can you smile for a picture? NO? ok, here is some candy!

much better...but now look at the camera!

You got it!
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Halloween night...

I had no idea Elle would enjoy Halloween as much as she did! I think it was all about the candy, and attention from her costume. I made it because I couldnt think of what could go with a pirate costume, and you cant find a cute parrot out there...so I just made the little dress and wrapped feather boas around it, pinning every inch or so. She won our neighborhood costume contest...so I guess the work was worth it!

Robbie couldnt wait for the Halloween Witch to come and leave him a toy for all his candy! He had been asking her for a storm trooper helmet for a month, he got enough candy to deserve it!

worn out after the neighborhood Halloween Party and hour and a half of trick-or-treating with their dads!

Elle walked the entire time and was so good at saying "TREAT" and "Thank YOU!"
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