Who does Luke look like?

We think he looks a little like all of the kids!  I think he looks the most like Robbie as a newborn...and some expressions he makes I feel like I am looking at Robbie's baby pictures.  Other times we see a little of the girls in him.  He fits in perfectly!

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older siblings

Robbie is SO happy to have a little brother!

Elle has been so helpful. She is always holding Luke, and is so careful and calm!

Jane always want to hold him...she is pretty good too!
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Luke's first couple days home...

I always love the way the little babies look in their carseats!

Luke has had to keep his eyes open and alert to take in all of his new siblings!

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Welcome Baby Luke!

We are so excited that Baby Luke is here!

He came as a surprise yesterday!

Lucas Jacobs Wood
7 lbs,  19.75 inches
born at 1:07 on 1-11-11

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Jane's Two Year Birthday Party

Even though we are a little early, we celebrated Jane's bday last night!
She was so proud of her shirt and showed it to everyone who came. She really could tell that this was HER party and she had fun playing, opening presents and eating cake!

These boots were a big hit! She wont take them off!

(More party details on Life frosting...coming soon!)
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American Girl Bistro & Boutique

For Elle's Birthday we headed up on a girls trip to the American Girl Store in Dallas.

Boy, what an adventure! We stayed overnight in a nearby hotel, and then spent a whole morning in the "Girls PARADISE." We couldnt believe how many people were there, in matching outfits with their dolls! We were lucky to find a doll that Elle wanted...her name is "Elizabeth" and she came in a pink princess dress!

The bistro was fun too! They have little seats for your dolls to sit next to you. Elle was disappointed that they didnt serve her doll fake food!

Jane was a handful! She went to bed really late and woke up really early, and all of the stimulation of the store brought out one of the less favorable sides of her personality! Luckily, she found a doll she wanted and was happy to get some food for lunch. She slept almost the whole way home too!

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