Elle's Dance Recital

Cute Elle had her dance recital last week.  It was so fun to see the little girls do their moves. 
I was also happy to hear her preschool teacher tell me today how creative she is.  She said they love to watch her paint and do art projects because she is so detailed. 

Jane and the House Hunt

OK...here it is, the story you have all been waiting for. So, after a long week of house hunting, I took Jane to yet another home. Yeah, this home had a little girls room...so she went in there to look around, and I just let her play while I went to check out the rest of the home. (tsk tsk...I know as a realtor, I shouldnt do that...but desperate times...) A minute later I came up and found her sitting in the room surrounded by all the little girls toys! Jane, oh no, we need to clean this up!!! "pooh pooh" WHAT? Jane, what did you do? "pooh pooh" When I got closer to her, I noticed her pants were down. AHHH! But, when I got closer, I noticed she was sitting on a DOLL POTTY! She had pulled out a doll potty, and had pooped in it! It was so funny the realtor and I were laughing our heads off (at least it wasnt the carpet!)

I wish I could say she never looks like this...but, she has followed in Elle's footsteps and has her own way of putting on makeup, and getting dirty!

Luke's Blessing

Luke was blessed on March 13th.  It was so fun to share this special day with our family and friends.


A funny little Robbie story...

Elle:  So, Robbie, if you arent my boyfriend...then I wont have a boyfriend.
Mommy: Elle, later in life you can have a different boyfriend, one that you choose.
Robbie:  Elle, what happens is, there are a lot of girls, and one boy...and he gets to choose which one of the girls he is going to marry.  Right Mom, like the show?

oh shoot.  I think the bachelor has sent the wrong message to the little guy!


Hi Sweetie!!!

This little guys started smiling this week!  It has been so cute...we are yet to catch it on camera...but I'll keep trying! 
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