Things to tell Mommo...

"Robbie, what things do we need to tell Mommo when she comes to stay with you?"

His response:
1. dont let Jane mess up my room
2. dont let Jane mess up Elle's room or get into her makeup
3. dont let Jane get in either Robbie's room OR Elle's room
4. I love crepes, and chicken nuggets...but only nuggets from McDonalds
5. Elles favorite is a hamburger...you know she loves those
6. What I love to play is point games, my learning book, shooting the bad guys and playing starwars wii
8. My favorite snacks arent sticky. Daddy said at my school that I can eat chocolate.

"well Robbie, what should I pack?"
Maybe you should pack your beautiful shirt with sprinkles all over it.

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Meet Kate Berry.

Name: Kate Berry
Career: hotel interior designer with "miller design"
From: New York
Prototype: New York Mogul
In town on business with friend Ali, from LA.

For Valentines Day, my friend and I surprised our husbands with the unexpected.
We sent them funny email to meet us at a Hotel Lobby and then made up new names (ali russel and kate berry) and WHOLE stories to go with them.
So Rob, (Johnny Big Feather) met Kate Berry and had a fun night on the town. Now, we couldnt keep the role playing up because we kept forgetting and wanting to talk about normal stuff like KIDS...but it was fun to have the new names and stories to joke about!
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A rare occasion

when jane smiles at the camera...

when she is EATING

and has a CLIP in her hair...this one only lasts 2 seconds on a good day!

(had to throw in this cool matrix picture...and if you have read the uglies series, picture Tally on her hoverboard!)
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Here are the kiddos watching the cattle roundup...or something like that.  It was really cool how they just call out a number and the cowboys have to go separate those particular cows from the huge group.  I couldnt stop laughing at the funny sounds that they made...they each had their own "call." 

The petting zoo was the kids favorite.  They had goats, pigs, sheep, baby kangaroos, llamas and deer all walking around in the same little area to be pet...it was pretty cool.

ok so this might have been the highlight for robbie! 

They had to sit on the BIG BOOT on the way out! 
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Valentine Girlies

Apparently it is WAY too much to ask to get one little picture of these two!


okay...see ya later jane!

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Let me try and explain. We have a coupon on our fridge with a girl in a swimsuit...so next thing I know, Elle has this getup on. It looks like losing one of her legwarmers isnt stopping her at all!
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The time traveler's mom

one moment, my dressed little girl is standing next to me...the next its just her clothes and she is off somewhere playing...clothesless!!

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Jane turning into a little girl!

Happy Morning Girl...

Carries a purse...and a phone!

She carries big stuff around...

She carries her baby and carrier around all day...half the time it knocks her over, but she doesnt mind!
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Robbie turned 5 a couple days ago!  He and his friends had a lot of fun at his astronaut training party.
As always, you can see all the details here soon.
Rob was the trainer...and really got into it!  The kids were counting down, blasting rockets, shooting aliens, and Rob was right there with them!
I think they loved their official NASA uniforms!
doing shuttle repairs 
searching for moon rocks
Rob and I spent the night before crafting our hanging MOON cake!
Robbie loved blowing the candles out while it was still hanging
and rob loved cutting it while it was still hanging!!!

I cant believe I have a 5 year old!  It has been 5 years of laughing EVERY DAY!  I am so lucky to be Robbie's Mommy!!!
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treats to school

Robbie was so excited to bring treats to school for his birthday! He decided on doughnuts. So, a the day before we brought in the treats, he came home and said: "Mom, Mrs. Lamb knows our secret...she knows we are bringing in doughnuts!" Ok, so...what do we do? "We have to bring something different...or we have to put aliens on the doughnuts" so, that is what we did!
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Crazy Cookie Cooks!

These girls had SUCH a fun playgroup on thursday.

They played and played and played and baked and then played some more!

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