Will someone please invent the folding machine?

are you jealous of my day today?
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Robbie's PRE-K Graduation

"do you remember last fall
I was only this tall
now look at me Im way up here
and Ive learned a lot this year
in fact I think Im really great
thats why I get to GRADUATE!!!"

Dont worry...I cried.  I kept having to wipe my eyes and pretend I had allergies or something!

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missing in action

We're still here...just havent been taking pictures!

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Elle's First DANCE recital

Here she is! ready for her first recital! She was SO excited to wear makeup of course.

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Dancing at the Recital

Little Elle did such a good job dancing at her recital.  (So glad it wasnt like the rehearsal where she ran of the stage to play with barbies)  She was a little confused because the dance was to "itsy bitsy spider" so she kept wanting to do the preschool hand movements to the spider song.  But, for the most part she watched her teacher and did what she was supposed to.  I really hope I can learn to upload video because I want you to see it!

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First Base...

What happens when you make a baseball diamond in a field using piles of gravel for the bases?

Robbie slipped in the gravel on first base and you can see what happened! 

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My little Spider Monkey

Robbie doesnt just climb trees...He climbs anything! You should see him on columns!
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the Blue Bath

Sometimes...Just sometimes, I let the kids take a bath in BRIGHT BLUE WATER!

As long as their happy...

I'm happy!
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