His 3 obsessions..

"Hi Aunt Katie, I like Starwars, Superman and Pirates..." No guessing what Robbie is into...he tells us everyday! So he has the junk food/gap tshirt of superman and dark vader (which I still think is funny...because what am I doing, they are expensive little tshirts...he could have preppy polos for the same price) anyway, we walked BY the gap the other day and without seeing anything he said " Mom, I really want the dark blue starwars shirt too...I dont need indiana jones, just the dark blue one with Luke, OB-one-kanobi, chewy, princess leiah, r2, etc." So I figured if he knows that many of the names...he had to have it!

His new thing is sticking his light saber and sword down the back of his shirt...like some kind of holder. Works nicely I'd say!

He is constantly telling us our parts on the show...he is always luke and Rob is always dark vader, but Elle, Grandma and I change positions a lot. Sometimes Im chewy and that makes me sad. Anyway, he also wears a pirate patch around the house and CONSTANTLY begs me to take him to "potty barn" for the pirate costume. I figure Halloween is coming soon, so I dont want him to get too sick of it before then. He tells us all about his superpower like superman...but reminds me I only have princess powers. Seriously, I spend most of my day laughing my head off at him. He is SO funny to me!
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I'll let Ellie know what her boyfriends obsessions are so she'll know what to get him on their anniversary. Unlike us wives who wish it was so easy to know what our husbands would LOVE!

Rachel said...

I love reading all your stories about Robbie, they are preparing me for when Will gets a little older. Right now the poor boy gets stuck with all the girlie toys.

Rachel said...

ps- go check out www.cwdkids.com

They have a ton of Star Wars shirts for winter. They are the layered look which I love. I just got my catalog and was looking through it after I posted the last comment and thought of you ;)

echecchio said...

My sister-in-law just got that shirt for Miles. it is WAY too big, but she couldn't resist. I guess she hopes that he has a similar obsession one day.
He is getting so big!

christensen crew said...

SO funny! You crack me up, I am so laughing at how you felt sad about being Chewy! I have to be those characters sometimes too and I just want to be Princess Leah! Never Chewy! AND, I have that same dilemma with those Junk Food/Gap T shirts...I have decided that if they insist on wearing them to school, then they have to wear it over a buttoned up collared shirt with the sleeves rolled up! The little layered look seems a bit preppier than a sloppy T-Shirt! But He deserves that shirt no doubt for knowing all those names! SO Impressed!
(You don't have to publish this long comment!) :)

Dave and Miranda said...

I am laughing so hard I've got tears in my eyes. Where does he come from? Seriously.