Such a treat to walk in and find...


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A Happy Ending to the Fight for our Food...

Hi, my name is Chelsea Wood and my pantry is a beetleholic. It has been 8 days 6 hours and 15 minutes since I have seen a beetle. I think its over...
the happy ending? ok, so we dont really have a lot of food (which is fine...half that stuff was just sitting there wondering if I would notice it some day) but look how fun it was to start organizing. I sneak a peak at my new containers every couple hours.

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Day one of Playgroup...

Headbands are Elle's new thing. She has to put one in (so I think her hair is done) but she takes them out after 5 minutes!

The girls are back...here they are!
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Day one of preschool...

I think we still need to work on his camera smile!
He is such a trooper...adjusting to his new wake up time of 6:15!

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Robbies First Day...candid

Just in case you were wondering what we looked like walking to Robbie's school this morning.
(and in case you are wondering what we will be doing each morning at 7:15 for the rest of year, oh wait, for the rest of many many years!)


Meet the Teacher day...

We were so excited to meet Robbie's new TEACHER! School starts MONDAY!


Sister time

For a couple of weeks (as long as Jane has been sitting up) Elle will sit down and play toys with her.

In Elle's room they play ponies...in Jane's room they play baby toys

today Elle dressed her up to play...I cant believe she let her wear her favorite hat!

she didnt even seem to mind!
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Fondue with Friends

Some really cute friends of mine hosted a get-together for my bday.

LOTS of Fondue...My FAVORITE!!!


Cute favors...THANK YOU girlies!
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My Birthday party with our little fam

Elle's decor

Robbie's decor

My little place setting (plates were a gift from Liz last year...love them)

The kids were excited all day to do this...Rob made fun of me for grabbing the most loot (like glow-in-the dark dinos)!
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such a crack up...

I seriously dont know where elle comes from. She definitely doesnt look like me, and I dont see Rob either!
She cracks me up every day!!

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Loving her big brother

she drives him crazy half the time, but she LOVES him!

A couple times a day he might let her sit this close to him and snuggle!
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Elle sets the table

I had Elle help set the table...and this is what she came up with for her place setting!
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The tricky trick

We tell funny stories every night (about chunky monkey and his sister spunky monkey) Robbie's favorites are when chunky tricks someone. In one, chunky tricks his mom by making a sock monkey and putting it in his bed. When she goes in to tuck him in, she thinks he's fast asleep...but the real chunky is hiding in the closet laughing.
So, Robbie decided to play this trick on me...this is what I found in his bed complete with a snake head and leapster game eyes!

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Bathtime stories...

Robbie: "Mom, Elle is trying to grab my private."
Mom: "Elle, Dont touch Robbie's private."
Robbie: "Maybe she thinks it's a toy or something."
Mom:(laughing) "maybe"
Robbie:"I know, maybe she thinks it's a Hot dog!"
Mom:(laughing for the rest of my life)


Winning the Beetle Battle...

Here it is, 6 days later. Our pantry is still pretty much empty. I have scrubbed it down 3 times, Sprayed it with chemicals while completely empty and left it to sit for couple days, cloroxed every item I put back in it (like 10 cans, my new airtight empty containers, etc) AND THEY ARENT GONE YET!
I keep seeing one or two...and I just 409 them and watch them die. There is nothing for them to eat, and unfortunately there is nothing for us to eat either (we have been eating out a lot this week)
Our exterminator assures us we are just seeing the ones that were hiding...but I am still too uneasy about putting food back in there.
Thank you for all your encouragement. I know we can come out victorious...im just not sure when!


You may be wondering, "what is the B B S G?" I have been wondering that myself for the past week. Robbie talks about the BBSG a lot. It is, a back pack...kind of like a robot backpack. Anything you need comes out of it...it makes you run fast, jump high...
Just now, as I am typing, I asked "Robbie, what comes out of the BBSG again?" He lit up, said "OH" came running over and started to explain all the cool stuff it could do. Pretty much "everything in the whole world comes out of it."