pink polish

I have the girls' undivided attention when I pull out fake make up, or in this case...real polish! They did not move a muscle the entire mani/pedi! Well, Elle did. she kept asking for "More pink."

we are still working on her hair situation. Hopefully we'll figure something out soon!
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P is for...

the letter p is the best little girl letter. This time was Pink, Purple, Princess Party, pink polish and paint. Last play group it was picnic, peanut butter and park. It is quickly becoming my favorite letter!

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We are always changing favorite superheroes here, the last couple weeks have been about Batman. Of course the whole justice league are all friends so we havent forgotten about Superman and Spiderman (honorary member!)
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Locks of Love VS. Love of Locks

It has been 2 years since I donated my hair...so I figure it is that time again. I put it in a braid and had a friend measure it and chop it off...10 inches. It was a little scary, actually I didnt want to deal with the stress of my spur of the moment decision so I just put it in a ponytail. I wondered what Rob would say because he prefers long hair...

So, it was in a ponytail when he got home so he didnt notice for a couple hours. Then, right before bed, he asked "did you cut your hair?" Me:"yes..."
Rob: "how short? is it like those pictures of you in junior high?"
Me:"I just cut off 10 inches"
Rob:"why do you always have to cut off 10 inches, cant you just cut off like 4?"
Silence. "Good night." lights off and more silence.
Rob:"I just love long hair."
Rob:"long hair is just classy"
silence. sniffles.tears
Rob:"Did I hurt your feelings? Dont worry, it will grow back. Im sure it will look fine."

I dont think I am the one worrying that it will grow back! But, 2 days later I think we are all used to it!

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She was proud to wear her outfit for the first time...and showed it off to the little grandmas at MOPS. She stood there pointing to her shirt, skirt, shoes and toenails saying"see, see, see..."

Wouldnt it be nice to fall asleep in the middle of anything...and it be ok!

or to sleep with your head smushed betwee to cushions and not even notice!
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Easter Dinner

Easter dinner was So fun! We had the kids in a different room, and they loved it!

The food was so yummy! I love Easter!

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Sunny Easter Pictures

After church pictures still didnt work...

unless you call this "working"

dont you wish you were Jane right now, nestled in your brother and sister's arms...feeling so safe and secure!
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Best easter pictures

All I wanted was one good easter picture...and I got


and this

and this

and this! I guess that is what happens when you have 9am church on Easter Sunday.
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Easter Morning

Robbie was so excited that he dismantled his basket before I could even whip out the camera!

Elle was searching for one thing...c-a-n-d-y, and luckily there wasnt very much!

check out her beautiful hair!
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ready for Easter egg hunt #37

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egg hunt #242

Here is Elle at the Park at the parkday egg hunt.

anything for candy

oh yeah, and these popped up in our yard...what a beautiful surprise!
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