Christmas Sunday Pics

After Rob saw that I was going to have a fit if I couldnt get ONE picture of the kids, he started doing his best to make them smile and stand still!  Luckily I feel like we captured the moment!

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Christmas 2010

We kicked of Christmas Eve with the Annual Fondue Party. We had so much fun cooking and dipping and karaoke-ing! 
Always one at a time in the morning...Robbie is learning it isnt always fun to be oldest! (last one down the stairs!)
Oh...what a surprise!  Elle got make-up AGAIN!  How crazy!  Robbie got the batman wings he has been wanting for a couple weeks (when his WHOLE list changed in mid-december) He said if that Elves have already started working on the stuff he had previously asked for, they could pass it on to the Easter Bunny!  Jane got a little of this and that...but the blow dryer that worked was a HUGE HIT!
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Elle's Birthday Party

We just celebrated Elle's fourth birthday last weekend. (even though her bday isnt for a couple of weeks, I have to start early to fit everything in!) We had so much fun at her "Beauty Bar." click here for more pictures.

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Kids that dont see a lot of snow!




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Big Poppa & Baby Jane

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Janie Jane

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The Super Group.

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Watch Out...the SUPERs are here!!!

Wo BABY!  These kids were tricker treating MACHINES!  I have never seen such a HAUL!!!

Batgirl, who thought she was "batman," was as excited as ever, strutting down the streets! 

Ironman, is just always glad to have a cool toy after Halloween!  But he seriously RAN from house to house...and he doesnt even love candy, he was getting it all for the witch!!! 

Supergirl got to go out for a bit, and stay home passing out candy with Dad...because she couldnt stop eating the goods!!!
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Lady Gaga & Alejandro

Lady Gaga (at 6.5 months pregnant) and Alejandro made a guest appearance at our Halloween Party!

We were lucky to have Rhianna (and M&M) Katy Perry (and Russel) Shnookie (and the situation) there too!

She kept her shades on sometimes to be inconspicuous.
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Wo Ho Ho...Look who's a hunter!

Last weekend, Rob went on a hunting adventure with his friend in South Texas. 
He shot this Wild Boar...crazy (and scary)...and they also hunted alligators! 
I wonder if he caught the extreme hunting bug after a day like that!

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Picture day...

Im glad I got a couple at home before school...because the home ones are better!  Typical Picture Day!

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