Favorite Fondue!

Tonight we had a fondue baby shower. Rob and I normally do it in a smaller setting, sitting around the table (every Christmas Eve with his family...or with friends if we are not in Utah)...but I wasnt sure how it would turn out with 20+ people. It ended up being SO fun and delicious. It is pretty easy to put together too! Yummy!

We used oilcloth tablecloths for spills.

Luckily, when I buy a serving dish...my 2 friend do too...so we always have 3. What are we going to do next year in 3 different states!

Chocolate fountains are fun, but mine never works exactly how it looks in the pictures! I always use the traditional Gruyere and Emmentaler cheese...Rob's favorite is cheddar, so I do that one too.
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a Week to Prepare and an Hour to Enjoy!

I love having Thanksgiving at my house, because it is pretty much the only time of year that I get excited to cook. I try to follow all the advice from Martha and WS...and for weeks in advance, I prepare a little each day. Of course I dont have pictures of the actual evening...but I did take a couple of the preparation!

Rob and I started Brining our turkeys a couple years ago...so now we wouldnt cook one without the 24 hour salt bath!

This year I tried something different for my pie crusts...
I have to admit, I loved how they turned out!

It was fun to have kids old enough to enjoy it this year!

I wish I had pictures of the food table...that was a vision!


Back to the Little Man

Ok, so Robbie is just too funny...I have to document his latest!

Obsessed with backscratches...I think he picked it up at the beach, because he always needs lotion and a blanket and his shirt has to be off! He is always asking Tia or Addie if they will give him a backscratch. Should I be worried?

Tonight after trying to convince him to wear pajamas after he insisted on wearing levis to bed, I heard him in the bathroom. When I went up there, he showed me what a big helper he was...rolling the toilet paper on to the roll-holder! Well, thats one way to get it on there!

Rob walking in on him like this the other day! What? First of all...I did not put him it that outfit. Is he a forest ranger?

As for playgroup, it was at my house last week and we were on the letter "F" for Friends, Funny Faces and Feathers.
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Ode to Sweet Baby Elle

My little Elle is a dream come true. She is the type of baby that only cries when she is hungry, sleeps 12 hours at night, plays with toys by herself and is completely entertained, eats everything, cuddles when she is sleepy, laughs at everything...even going down the stairs, says "mama" and wakes up laughing, giggling and playing. It is so easy for me to take for granted this little angel that I have...but when I remember to think about how easy she is (like when I get frustrated when she doesnt let me wipe her face-the only time she gets upset)
I become so so greatful for my little girl!

Elle, waking up happy

completely entertained...even if she doesnt want to nap...she'll just play

and laugh, and play and play!

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Im Coming!

Robbie's catch-all phrase! "Robbie, did you clean up your toys?" "Coming." "Put your shoes on" "Coming." "Will you get off the counter please?" "Coming." Did you eat your lunch?" "Coming" He never is actually doing any of those things...but I think he has learned that it makes me think he is! He is also in this stage where he wants to pick out his own clothes...everyday. So, right now, he is sleeping in his levis and his "I love daddy" shirt! Silly little guy!

Robbie's favorite past time...Mowing the Lawn!

I am now remembering why it is harder when kids crawl...THE STAIRS!

Robbie gets on kicks...like wearing his daddy's hat everywhere!
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One Delightful Weekend in the BIG Apple

Can we say "action-packed?" That is the best way to describe our incredible weekend in New York! OK, Lets see... Regis and Kelly, the Today Show, Serendipity, Dylans Candy, Del Friscos, Legally Blonde on Broadway, Normas, Museum of Natural History, Dinosaur Barbeque, Spiderman 3...I dont think we could have packed more into 2 days if we tried! I loved every second of it! Thank you to the fun couples that we got to hang out with and especially to Mark and Brooke! You are the best! We miss all of you...it has been way too long!

I finally got to see Kelly live (Regis had the day off) The show was great with Marissa Tomae, Big Papi, Damian Fayhe, the costar to christina apple gate in Samantha Who...and some funny band named baby face or something. Brooke and I got up at around 5:30 to wait in the standbye line!
Frozen Hot Chocolate...who knew it could be so good! Robbie LOVED it. And I highly suggest you make it out to see Legally Blonde...we, (including Rob and Mark) have been singing the songs for days!

I think the waiters at Normas almost had a heart attack when they saw us walk in with 4 little kids!

Dylans Candy store is any candy lovers dream. I am thinking of decorating my next house with the lollipops!

Thomas and Robbie could be brothers with their coloring and matching pjs! Their dads are really cute with them as you can see!


My Little Photographer

My friend gave me the idea of having the Halloween Witch come on Halloween night and take all of the candy and leave a toy. So, this year, in order to save my camera...the Halloween witch brought Robbie the Fisher Price Digital. We knew we had to get him a real one because the fun of using mine, is seeing the pictures after he takes them. So, this weekend he got to try it out in New York. When he wasnt taking pictures of his feet and the ground...the pictures were pretty good!