Elle sportin her new Foxpaws!

We only wish it were cold enough for boots here!

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First Soccer Practice!

I can't believe he is old enough to be on a little team! Today was Robbie's first practice! I didn't get to go, but Rob and Grandma said he did great...but was a little tired so was done about half way through. I'm excited to see how the season goes...and we are so lucky to have good friends on the team!

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Who took the candy from the candy jar?

Candy is pretty much my favorite halloween decoration...and it's pure torture for Elle! She has found so many ways to get into it, and you can tell by her face...she knows she's guilty. She pushes chairs across the room, reaches down through from the stairs, or pulls the nearest adult across the room and says "BEEEEEE?" (please)
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Who is that weird mom at mcdonalds

Oh wait, its me! How embarrassing. A couple weeks ago robbie noticed that mcdonalds was covered in starwars pictures so he started calling it Starwars mcdonalds. He was always begging to go there to get starwars bobblehead toys. So after that, they started batman and wizard of oz. I knew there wouldnt be a problem with wanting those...until we got 2, Glenda and the cowardly lion. After that I became a freak. I couldnt have just 2 of a set...especially such a classic story...so I went again today and Elle got a munchkin and I got the wicked witch (yes I got a happy meal too) SO I just asked if I could buy Dorothy and be done with it! She said they were out but I could try another mcD's. So I did, and long story short I bought the rest of the set today (for about 1.50 each)! How crazy am i! Anyway it turns out there are a lot of really weird moms like me, because I found postings on "want it now Ebay" looking for certain toys AND people selling the whole set for 37.95. Funny Funny. We are OFF McDonalds for a LONG time now!


decorating cookies...

Is he an artist or what? Luckily the mess stayed on the cookie sheet...but seriously, what a waste of sprinkles!
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September Saturday...

I almost never let the kids play outside because it is TOO hot and there are thousands of mosquitos out there. Everytime they are playing they come in covered in bug bites. But, today he was having a lot of fun outside. He was picking up leaves and "cooking" them. He even brought me a full bucket (he told me that the rice was done.) He has been SO funny lately. This morning he came down and told me that he was done with his work, so I went up to see what he was working on. He had gone through his starwars coloring book and stuck his starwars stickers on top of the same character. He really went through every page: Yoda was on yoda, c3po, r2, han solo, annikan, even the storm trooper and that new red girl!

When I asked if he could take a picture he said he would like me to take it of his back while he is walking...so, here it is.

Im trying something new with Elle's hair today. I was surprised that the curlers lasted long enough for the picture. She kept pointing to them and saying "bow." Her hair is a little wavy/frizzy and then has one or 2 tight curls in the back...how does one deal with that?

The funnies part is I have never learned how to put in curlers. Im sure it will be frizzier and full of kinks in the morning...but I had to give it a shot!
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Lil' Girls Playschool

We just started playschool this week at my house, and Im a little worried. Elle may in fact be a bully. I am hoping it was just because it was her house and the first time...but she was all about yanking the toys she wanted and throwing a F-I-T if I didnt let her have it! Oh goodness, this may be interesting!
There are 4 little ones (Ellie was out of town this week) and generally they played great together. It was just today that Elle had her "moments." Let's hope she doesnt have so many of them next week at someone else's house!

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It's a...

Girl...we think! She was curled up in the tightest ball you have ever seen, and it was hard to see for sure, but the doctor is 95% sure its a girl! How funny, I was totally thinking boy...but how would I know!