First day of KINDERGARTEN!

The other day we went to meet his teacher Ms. Valdez.  We are really excited because she is such a sweet teacher..We've heard great things about her

He even looks bigger today...

he was so excited that he gets to go to school when dad does so he doesnt have to be sad that they cant play together, because they'll both be at school!  Kinder is all day in Texas

Off he goes...and we go, following him everymorning at 7:10!
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He's Got it!

Robbie learned how to ride his bike! He is so excited he asks rob take him everyday as soon as he gets home

Jane though she'd give it a try too...

Here she goes!!!
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Jane's Pedicure




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one last picture, before the haircut

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Already for school (in a couple years)

Jane has been getting into the back to school craze too! She will get to go to a little playgroup soon, but in the meantime she's just preparing!
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Jane in handcuffs

The kids thought they found a way to keep Jane from messing up the game...

well...they tried!
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makeup weekend

Saturday she chose pink, and painted her sister. 

Sunday, she chose brown eyeshadow to finish off her church outfit. 

Monday, she chose Darker Brown Eyeshadow...perhaps she was trying out for the musical "the color purple."
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