Here's my Spiderman...

We are home for the Holidays!  Yeah!  After spending the week with us, my Mom helped me fly the kids home on Sunday.  Rob will come on Friday...because he has patients and tests this week.  So, tonight my sisters were over and all 4 of us were sitting there talking when Robbie had to go to the bathroom.  After a minute I heard him saying "I want to show you something" over and over.  So I got up to check on him when he came running out of the bathroom with his pants down, but his underwear up.  He went up to each of my sisters and pointed at his underwear saying "Here's my spiderman!"  He was saying it as if he were saying" Im gonna get you."  We were dying of laughter!  He has been such a character.  He spent time over at his Grandma Liz's last night where he got into flour fights with his uncles.  He loves getting to see all his family!


Chocolate Party!

My sister is hosting a chocolate party and you are all invited!
Wednesday, December 12, 2007
2966 Valley View Avenue
How fun will that be! I dont know if I will be eating yet, but lets just hope! The fun part for me is that I will be in town and I am excited to see everyone...so try and make it!


Lortab, Apple juice and a little bit of Noodle Soup

I am trying out a new diet...after I got my TONSILS out on Friday! It is pretty painful, so I have been laying in bed for the last couple days as Rob has turned into Mr. Mom. Luckily, my Mom flies in today to help! It is hard on the kids not to have a "whole" mom. Elle is wondering why I cant really hold her, and Robbie is wondering why I cant really talk! He cuddled up to me on the couch yesterday and said "Mom, you are my Big girl." It was really cute! I am trying to take extra precautions to get well, because I am flying home to Utah before the 2 week check up mark...so at 1 week I am going to have to be well!