Robbies First Day!

Robbie was so excited about his first day of preschool that he woke up at 5:00am! (and I think he heard Rob's alarm!) He asked for a crepe breakfast and then handpicked all of the items for his lunchbox. He is going to a spanish immersion preschool where the teachers speak only in spanish. His teacher, Maestra Sylvia, speaks very slowly and sweetly to the kids and does actions so they start to make connections. It will be fun to see how much he picks up...especially if I can help at home!

Elle wasnt very excited to see him go. (and I had to wake her up at 8:30 to take him!) She will be happier when her playschool starts in a couple weeks.

When he got home he was excited to share all that he learned...most of it was about starwars, so we may try a different shirt next time!
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echecchio said...

Wow, preschool already, it seems too soon. I love the Spanish immersion thing. What a great skill to have, and he will pick it up so much more quickly at his age.
Poor Elle, no fun being left behind (or woken up)


Oh, he looks adorable! Elle really does have a sad face. It would be so hard to be a younger child. I wish we had a school like his here. That sounds awesome. I bet you can find them all over in Texas.

Muranda said...

A friend in my ward owns a spanish immersion school. I am thinking that is where I want to send Ash. You'll have to tell me what you think.

Rachel said...

I thought I posted a comment already but I guess not. It's a 3 kid thing~ the brain is mush.

Here is what I thought I said...

I love Robbie's outfit. I won't dress Will like a pansy and sometimes here in TX, there is a lot of froofy boy stuff. I went to Gap Kids today and re-created this outfit with a tshirt I was wanting Amy to photograph him in. THANKS!!

Yes Ashley... Texas has the best schools. Move your family here, Ellie seems Texan to me already ;)