Fourth of July Fireworks

This year we were able to see the Holladay Fireworks from our front yard! It was so relaxing to be together and just walk inside afterward!

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Jane's Quesadillas

Jane is obsessed with Quesadillas. Ever since she became a vegetarian, (except for costco dino chicken nuggets), she wants quesadillas for every meal. She even started making them herself!

thank you Jane, for helping with dinner!

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Robbie's Fort

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The Big Big Fence Project!

One of this summer's projects was the backyard and new fence.

This may seem like a little project...but it was HUGE! They had to rip out a whole row of shoots and foliage, fill in a driveway full of dirt, do fence posts, level everything out, add top soil, and then put up a fence and put in sod!!! What a Huge accomplishment for these boys!

Uncle E earns a gold star for helping us everyday with this project...spending his last summer home at our house in the backyard!
We love you Eric!!!

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sleeping boys on the boat

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special visitors

We were so lucky to have the Richards come visit. Elle and Ellie didnt skip a beat as you can see!

We had a big sleepover...and Elle was attached to Cole! We were in all in Heaven! We miss our Texas Friends!

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little ballerinas

If Elle gets dressed up...so does her little sister! 




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Elle's little recital

Elle did a little dance camp this summer

She LOVES getting all dressed up for dance

It was fun to watch all the sweet little girls dance

Hi sweetie!





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