Robbie and Elle-isms

Elle continues to be accident prone. As you can see her new injury on her head from falling down at the pool. Luckily, our lifeguards took her in and bandaged her up. I got her a doll sized table and chairs...that she immediately decided was her size. She sat on the chair up to the table, and stacked crackers and assorted play food on it! As you can see, she is also really good at making castles with her food. I finally let it go, and I give her a fork or spoon and let her eat by herself. It is really messy, but really easy! She says "hi" to anything that moves...birds, planes, dogs, dolphins, etc!

The other day Robbie was looking at my wedding ring. He asked where I got it and I told him that Daddy gave it to me when we go married. He said "when I grow up to be a daddy, I am going to Marry you, and I will get you another Ring like that!" Of course I said "Yes!"
The other day at Target, he was doing his own shopping (as always). He was dragging around a Superman gift bag, filling it with treasures. He came running up and threw some lucky charms in my basket and said "Mom, you got to try this cereal...Yeah, Baby!!!" That is his new thing, yelling "Yeah Baby" after everything!
Yesterday he said in the car, "Mom, Im frustrated that I dont have a new sword."
He has started saying "Mom that was such a fun day" after everything we do...that makes it nice.
He laughed his head off at the Sea Lion show at Sea World...so I think we'll make that a regular.
Today he SWAM for the first time (in his life jacket) He just kept going around the pool and jumping in by himself! Lessons start Monday, pics to come!

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Dave and Miranda said...

They kill me! I love imagining all of Robbies little words in his cute low voice! We're loving it!