All Girl...

It is AMAZING to me how natural it is for litle girls to Love girl stuff.
Elle loves dolls, dogs in purses, play makeup...and she gets into my stuff. I didnt teach her to like it, she just came that way. I remember when she was 10 months old walking down the baby doll aisle at target...she immediately came to life laughing and reaching for the dolls!

with a name like hers, its only appropriate to love a chihuahua in a leopard skin purse!

this is a sad picture...because it shows a couple of her mosquito bites. She and robbie get 100's of bites from playing in the backyard!

hugging her doll before she puts her in the stroller!
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Kim said...

Congrats on #3!!! Elle is getting so grown up... what a little princess! Happy anniversary!

Amelia Hannah Brubaker said...

my goodness.. i miss this little girl. i love how girlie she is.. i dont know if i can out that way. all my pictures are dirty face no shirt ones! huh..

Mike and Joy said...

I love that dress- We have it for Sarah, along with a matching swimsuit. Okay, so I love that pattern. Elle is adorable and appears to definitely be ALL GIRL!!