Oh the Fabulous pets in our yard!

It's AMAZING the things Rob and Robbie find in our backyard. This week it was a tiny salamander, last week a frog, and the week before a lizard with a giant mouth! Hopefully all of these pets (that we keep contained for no more that a couple hours) will hold off the kids from wanting a dog!
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Miranda Lea said...

The beets leave sort of a glaze on the pan, but it soaks off in a couple minutes and washes clean without too much trouble. You are just simmering them on low. The skins are easier to peel if they're first roasted or boiled, but then you loose the simmered in flavor of the sugar and vinegar. I didn't change my #-jsut switched off of dad's plan- it was a nightmare, but all seems to be working okay now. I'll call you tomorrow!

Rachel said...

Your comment about "I can hang" cracked me up, I love it! We'll have you singing like a Texan in no time!

Yep, totally gross. Bugs creep me out. Your kids are so darling though, I am glad you are moved and blogging again, I was missing you!

sara said...

Isaac would be in heaven! I'm thinking once he reads this post, we'll be moving to Texas too in a few years.

alisa and sometimes brandon said...

Truthfully? I'd rather find a lizard than the 4 earwigs I've found in our apartment this week. Lizards, I can handle.

Robbie is a little albino, but Elle was looking a little tan in that picture with the green shake! Those must be her mom's genes. :)

And yes, Brandon AND I need a trip to TX for tennis, Seaworld, golf, swimming, etc. etc. Let us know when it's not blazing hot!

Katie said...

I would flip out. I can't even handle cats or dogs! Do you kind of feel like Guat again? You were on the coast, right?

echecchio said...

Hopefully it doesn't make them want a huge iguana instead of a dog!