America's Birthday...Texas Style!

We had a great 4th of July. Everyone that we know here made us feel SO welcome to the State. We started out at the Ward Pancake Breakfast, and then headed out to our friends' families house. They spoiled us all day with a big BBQ lunch, crafts for the kids, endless entertainment and chatting. They even had fireworks and a great dinner planned...that we couldnt stay for because of our napless little Elle! Later in the evening, we let Elle sleep and went to Rudys (a famous bbq place here) and then up to Boerne, TX. It is like 20 minutes away, but is like a little Park City. I cant wait to explore during the day!

What? Oh, are you wondering if Elle participated in a clogging/square dancing show? No, her Mom made her wear it! I made it the day before and somehow didnt realize how silly it was until Rob was completely embarrassed to take her anywhere in it! Oh well!

I think Robbie was in HEAVEN playing with swords with Smith, (a little guy his age) He is used to being surrounded with girlies...so he had SO much fun. He never wanted to leave!

Here was our kid craft...How fun for the kids. I know I had fun making Elle's!
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echecchio said...

Everything is bigger in Texas!
That craft was massive! I love it, and I am sure the kids were loving it too!
We miss you around here!

sarah and james said...

chelsea and rob! what a beautiful family you have. I've been hearing about how perfect your kids are from liz for a long time, but it is so fun to see pictures of them! I just had a baby 11 weeks ago, we named her June and I am in love. www.sarahandjamesmcdonald.blogspot.com
oh, go to kerville sometime, my grandparents live down by the river and we love there! Good luck in TX!

Elise said...

Whatever. Elle is always a doll, especially in her twirly skirts. I made one for Hannah last week and am just going to have to buy a sewing machine! Glad you had a great weekend. It looks like you didn't miss a step in the move. Can't wait to see your cute house pics either!

Tiffany said...

Very cute! Glad you had a great Fourth!

Dave and Miranda said...

I hope you have a lot of pics of Elle in that outfit- it's the best. Sound like a fun time!


I lover her square dancing outfit! I bet she was a hit! Boys clothes just aren't that much fun.

Rachel said...

I am so glad you are finally here Deep In The Heart of Texas!!!!

Send me your address so I can mail you some gigantic Texas-sized bows for Elle's hair lol! I will be sure to give you a heads up next time we are headed to San Anton... I just love the Riverwalk and my kids love Sea World!!