Pumpkin Patch

or just a place to buy pumpkins! Hopefully we'll get to a real orchard/patch soon (it was raining when we tried) but for now we just stopped by a local church's lawn!

I had to stop Robbie from rolling them all out of place into the street!

Elle of course wouldnt sit still long enough for a picture!
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Rachel said...

Cutie pies!!! This is my favorite time of the year!!!

echecchio said...

They look so sweet. I love thier festive shirts. :) Robbie is getting so grown up. its crazy that when i met him he was a baby!

Amelia Hannah Brubaker said...

Adorable. Love Robbie's shirt I picked out!

Shanda said...

Hey Chelsea,
I just found your blog through Hillery Rays! Super cute Pumpkin Patch pictures!

Wade Family said...

Chelsea.. you have the cutest kids. What a fun pumpkin patch.. I can't believe how many pumpkins there was.