Kids are SO funny!

Robbie came down during his naptime yesterday and said "Mom, I have something for you" He pulled out this fine creation and when I asked what it was he said "A Ladder-cop Tree!" He never stops making up words...and now that he is in Spanish preschool, he makes up all sorts of spanish words too! He is still totally obsessed with Starwars, a little superman and batman and luckily he like pirates too (please like them at least til Halloween!)
Elle is funnier than ever...and such a girl. She puts her baby to bed before she goes to bed, holds her everywhere...and the funniest is her new way of giving kisses. She holds both sides of your face and then tilts her head as she gently kisses you...oh but you're not done yet, she keeps taking turns tilting one way then the other as she showers you with her kisses! It's cute...but it has Rob worried for the future!
I put her in pigtails yesterday (not the ones at the top...but real ones) and Rob could not get over it. All day he kept saying, "She is growing up, she looks like a little girl, she is so cute!" That is a Daddy head over heels for his daughter!

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