A Pirate and his Parrot!

Hopefully on Halloween we'll get their makeup and accessories on...but for tonight, we were lucky to get there costumes on for the first time!

I thought Elle would just start ripping out her feathers...but she surprisingly left them alone. I think she was kind of proud of her feathery costume!

Robbie asked me how we could get Elle on his shoulder...and how she could fly!

Trunk or treating was the coolest thing Elle has ever done..being the candy-addict that she is! Little does she know the Halloween witch is going to come and take it all away!
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Dave and Miranda said...

Your little parrot turned out perfectly!! She looks adorable. I almost wonder if the make up will be too much? I can't wait to see those little guys. Why don't you all come out and see me?

Jessica Petersen said...

Your costume ideas are sooo cute! I love the parrot! Did you make that???? Impressive if you did. Also, I loved the Palin/McCain idea. You guys pulled it off quite well! Happy Halloween!

Katie said...

So cute! You are so creative. I laughed hysterically at the mccain/palin costumes by the way. You looked just like her! Hey- I just found out that Carmen Perez (Victor's wife) passed away from cancer in May. She was here in Minnesota, and they all flew here for the funeral. Now they are all back in Guate. I actually chatted with Stephany and Katty last night. Hna. Victor was out drinking. They are all so sad right now. I can't even imagine how they must feel. I was thinking of something we could do. Would you write them a letter to let them know youa re thinking of them? I am going to send something, I have asked Elder Heaton and he is going to get a hold of Elder Evans. I will email Kathy Marquina and talk to Pres. Daines today. I think it would be a big boost for them to know how much we all love them and that we have faith in them and in Heavenly Father's plan. Their address is:
12 av. 11 03
Zona 12
Or send it through pouch:
La Familia de Victor Perez
c/o los Elderes en Reformita
Katty is 10 now! They sent me pictures, she is so cute. Saydi has a 2 yr. old little girl, Stephany is just working. She was studying but said she's too sad right now to focus and is taking a break. They are so sad Chels. And I think Victor;s drinking is pretty bad. I know he can overcome this, he has once before. But I think he needs our help again!

Rachel said...

GREAT PICS!!! You have mastered 2 kid pics just in time to get ready for 3 kid pics. Look as Miss Elle smiling so big for the camera. Love the costumes Chels!! Am I behind on your blog or have you announced what you are having?

Brittany said...

LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!!! I can't believe how cute their costumes are! You and Rob look so...so...political. Love it!

Lizzie and James said...

that is so creative! But I guess I should expect it coming from you :) Great job! The kids look fabulous, and it sounds like its a good thing Rob works with teeth since you have a candy addict on your hands.

Amelia Hannah Brubaker said...

OH how cute do they look! It turned out so well Chels, I'm impressed!

Bill Tanna Ava Fox said...

love the costumes for both you guys and the kiddos!!! hilarious! please dont tell me you made those too! JK i love ya, great party...looks like a lot of fun! Halloween is so much fun :)