Curler girl

I have Elle begging for curlers...how weird is that. She calls them bows and will sometimes drag me to the bathroom and point at them. Today I finally got some pictures of after the curlers! These are before they calmed down at all!

showing off!

finally posing for a picture...kind of

doing what she does best...running away!
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Muranda said...

oh wow...that is about the cutest thing i have ever seen! seriously, can she get any cuter. she definitely won adam over when he was there, too!

Dustin and Aimee said...

I love her little dress and boots. Your kids always look so cute! I'm glad Elle's hair could stay curly in the humidity, becuase mine sure can't!

echecchio said...

She looks so dang cute!

Katie said...

Cute posts, and cute, cute kids! I love Elle's curls. And Robbie's words. How are you feeling? I can't wait to see this next little girl! Your house is beautiful, but you wouldn't expect anything but with you! Hope everything is wonderful. Love ya!

Amanda said...

She looks darling!!!!! I can't believe she asked to wear them! What a cutie!
How are you feeling? Congrats on another sweet baby girl, we found out that's what we're having too! Girls everywhere, they are so fun!
Robbie cracks me up too, him and Anabell would have a blast together with their little imaginations. :)
Glad to hear you are doing so well, I'm sad we're missing another Wood Halloween Party!

Jules said...

ok, I Need a girl! She is so darling! Those curlers remind me of being young. She is too cute! and those boots...I love them!

Rachel said...

FoxPaws, curls.... doesn't get any better ;)