Latest Robbie-ism...

Robbie is the biggest helper. the other day, I was so tired in the morning that I let the kids play in his room, shut the door and tried to go back to sleep in Robbie's bed. So, Robbie went downstairs and got some cereal to share with Elle, and they just played. He put the cereal on the bed and I accidentally knocked it off (not knowing what it was) so he ran and got the vaccuum and cleaned it up! What? It was like a dream morning!
later, he asked me: "Mommy, Are you a Princess?" (yes, of course) I asked him if Addie was a princess too (wondering if that is where he came up with the phrase) and he said "yes, she is cinderella... I dont want to be her daddy thought...ok?" Apparently addie asks her daddy to be her prince and sometimes gets the words mixed up, so she kept asking robbie to dance with her and be her daddy.
He also asked me: "Mommy, are you a lady?" "yes" "are you MY lady?"
and then of course today he asked me if I was a drycleaning lady.


The Prestons said...

Chelsea, love your blog! It's so fun to see what you guys are up to. Robbie sounds like a hoot and quite a sweetheart! Darling, darling family.


Mike and Joy said...

Drycleaning lady??? That is too funny.

Nate and Eryn said...

That is hilarious. Are you a dry cleaning lady?