"Mommy, You're my Best Friend"

I made it! Seriously, my life feels like a success today after Robbie told me that I was his Best Friend. I think he must have learned it in playgroup today...and wanted to test the phrase out, but I loved hearing it! He was the dream little boy today, telling me "thank you so much for helping me," and "I made my bed all by myself!." He is king of the movie lines right now. All of the sudden he'll pull out a phrase from one of his disney movies...incredibles: I just cleaned up this mess, mulan: Ill make a man out of you, and MANY others!
I love my little Robbie!

the downside of my day was Elle falling down stairs...TWICE! She is so resillient, but it breaks my heart...especially when it is my fault for not having baby gates everywhere! BUT, she says "Hi" now, as she waves. It is the cutest thing!

At the Barnum & Bailey in the spring
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Thackeray's said...

Falling down the stairs is sometimes the best way they learn...at least that is what I've learned from experience. (although I do try to prevent it!)