Birthday Party Preparation Day!

Today is the day before Elle's 2nd FIRST BIRTHDAY PARTY! Ok...so it is obvious that I dont do these parties for my one year old's happiness...but for MINE! I think it is kind of my creative outlet. I have been baking all day, stringing the banner, and cutting out polkadots. Hope it all comes together tomorrow!

Robbie's first Birthday:Baseball. (missing from the picture were the mini pigs in blankets)

Robbie's second Birthday: Cars

(party favors)
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aimee heff said...

Chelsea, there is NO WAY I can compete with your mom skills. Or should I say skillz (with a z for an extra emphasis!)


Amanda said...

Okay..we are SO sad we aren't there for your cute birthday parties for your kids, you always do such an AMAZING job! We miss you guys! Happy Birthday Elle!!!
Heath, Amanda & Anabell


You are amazing! You'll never see the pictures of my kids birthdays because they don't even compare. It just looks like a bomb has gone off at our house. The guests are lucky they don't get take-out. Remember to post the pictures of Elle's party - we'd all love to see!