Hangin with the Stars!

There was really nothing else to do in New York but hang out with the celebs at a huge party. Yeah we pretty much saw all the big shots, and they were really cool to us.

Rachel Ray showed us some fish and chips techniques
Morgan was not super stoked to have his picture taken...but seriously, what a guy
Shakira and I were showing each other dance moves...
Eric and Rob fought a little over Jessica, but they got over it
Jane and I really did karaoke...I would have to say we sounded pretty fantasticAt least Simon thought so

Rob was so happy to finally meet the Elle Macpherson
Susan was son nice to let me hop in this picture with her
Wouldnt have been a party without this guy!
Notorious was not really impressed with my dancing skills...I think he was used to a little different type of dancer!

There were so many more, I would love to share all of my new best friends...but I dont want to bore anyone!


The Mauss Family said...

too funny! For a minute i thought it was real - I was like - woah LUCKY! Well you are lucky actually to live so close to NYC! I want to go so bad!! I hope all is well. Cute snowflake party for Elle - it looks like it turned out great!!

Thackeray's said...

I also thought it was real and I was wondering why some people were so sweaty and why Shakira's arms looked really gross. Anyway, I got a good laugh!

Tiffany said...

I thought it was real too...what a sucker I am! Kate is in my ward and mentioned that Jane and Eric were dating...fun!